Turkey’s Best Beach Holiday Destinations

Turkey is an incredible country, with a variety of diverse destinations. If your tastes run to the Mediterranean beach holiday, Turkey has something for you.

Turkey has it all; sun, sea and surf, all in a country steeped in history and culture. There are a variety of destinations all round Turkey, offering all kinds of different experiences to different peoples. (more…)

Holiday And Travel Guide For Mykonos

Mykonos is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and is well known for its extremely lively atmosphere, its gorgeous beaches and for the cosmopolitan crowds it attracts. Situated in the Cyclades in Greece, the small island is also a great place for water sports and like most places in Greece, it has strong historical connections. (more…)

Kaihalulu Beach Maui

The Kaihalulu Beach in the lovely Hawaiian island of Maui is one of a kind and let me inform you, there is no other place like it anywhere in the whole world.

The Beach is unique and a feature which makes it different from the rest is its red-black color sand, which is the reason why the beach has been often popularly referred to as “Red Sand Beach.” (more…)

Tamarama Beach

Sydney abounds with some of the choicest beaches in Australia, and Tamarama Beach is among the ones that rule the roost. The Tamarama beach is extremely popular, and is much visited by locals and tourists alike. The beach is located in close proximity to the city center, just about seven kilo meters to the east of the C B D at Sydney. The famous Bondi Beach is a neighbor, in the south, as is the Bronte beach in the north. (more…)

Best Beach Resorts in Bali

Bali has always had an association with celebration and pure bliss ever since it got famous, in fact as early as the 1930’s. The island has been regarded as one of the heavens on earth ever since that time to this day. Out of a grand total of seventeen thousand islands, why is Bali the most preferred among international and local travelers? (more…)

Corfu Beaches – only one of its kinds in Greece

Corfu shows off a few of the most excellent beaches of the entire of the Greek islands as well as has the most fashionable seaside resorts, which are chock-a-block of each imaginable water sport, activities that are based on the land as well as air. You can try out bungee jump, parasailing, in addition the exciting scuba diving; even can indulge in the place of exposed cliff jumping! (more…)