Levante Beach – Benidorm, Spain

Levante Beach is also referred to as the Sunrise Beach. It is one among the 2 beaches that encompass the Benidorm resort on the Costa Blanca in Spain. The Benidorm resort is located at a distance of close to twenty miles from Alicante. Levante is in the vicinity of downtown Benidorm, and the esplanade next to the beach with a number of cafes and bars lining is always pulsating with activity, night and day, as the beach is a hot favorite with locals and tourists alike. The mile long beach is extremely popular. (more…)

Three amazing beaches for 2015

We’re dedicated to bringing you the best of everything beach related from all around the globe. It’s fair to say we have seen a few shores in our time, each one just as beautiful as the last. So we’ve picked you three absolute must-see beaches for 2015. Just sit back and enjoy. (more…)

9 Unusual and Unique Beaches Around The World

We’ve told you about the world’s top beaches, the most exotic ones and the best beaches in specific countries. Most of these beaches are beautiful, with bright blue water and long white sandy shores. But did you know there are also beaches with different colored sand? The world is a large place and there are truly some unique beaches to be found. (more…)

Scarborough Beach

Scarborough beach is one of the loveliest beaches in Australia, if not the world. The pristine stretch of the Scarborough ( pronounced Scar boro ) beach is a heavenly expanse of some of the whitest sands you will see this side of the equator. The crystal clear bluse waters here set off the white sands nicely, and also have some of the best breaks for surfers on offer. There is a whole range of excellent facilities on offer here. (more…)

Riserva Dello Zingaro

Riserva naturale dello Zingaro is Sicily’s first natural preserve. It was established in May 1981, and is one of the island’s premium attractions. The reserve extends to a distance of seven kilo meters of pristine coastline at the Gulf of Castellammare. It also incorporates the mountain chain filled with steep cliffs and hidden bays. (more…)

Cala Conte, Ibiza, Spain

Cala Conte is a gorgeous beach located in the island of Ibiza in Spain. The beach is surrounded by pristine landscapes all over. The sand dunes and the towering cliffs on the beach give it a large amount of character. The beach here is a luscious stretch of sand that is blessed with a heavenly golden shade. The waters here are shallow and gentle, and are crystal clear and blue. (more…)

Porth Kidney – Resort Free Beach

Porth kidney beach is located at the facet of Hayle Estuary and is a North-facing beach. The beach is spread only for 2 miles from St Ives’, Cornwall’s, striking Harbour town. Porth kidney is a huge span of sands, which faces the Hayle Towans on the East of the Estuary. During the low tides the beach could stretch almost a mile outside the Sea. (more…)