Four amazing beaches of seashells

Shells are one of the things that will always remind you of holidays, summer and sea. As it is known, seashells are dead empty shells of marine molluscs, which can be often found on beaches. Most of the beaches in the world are primarily composed of pieces of rock, sand, pieces of sea grass, gravel, small stones. In rare cases the beach can be completely made up of seashells. (more…)

Whale Watching on Maui

It’s not too late for a front row seat to one of the biggest shows in town! Whale watching season in Hawaii runs through May, so there’s still time to catch the breaching of these behemoth visitors to Hawaii.  Each year, as many as 10,000 humpback whales are said to make their annual 3,000-mile-long journey from the North Pacific to warm Hawaiian seas to give birth and mate.  (more…)

The Romantic Beaches of Block Island

Block Island, Rhode Island, was recently praised by The Nature Conservancy as “one of the 12 last great places in the Western Hemisphere.” If you love beaches, and you can travel to the northeast United States in the summertime, then check out Block Island, and find out why it earned such high praise from The Nature Conservancy. Because when it comes down to it, Block Island is all about the beaches, the ocean, and the sky. (more…)

Beaching It in the Hawaiian Islands

When you think of a beach vacation, the beaches of Hawaii probably come to mind.  But how do you narrow down your vacation to the right island?  You first need to decide what activity level you want.  Are you looking for exciting night life?  Or just some sun, surf and sand, and a little peace and quiet? (more…)

The Watersport Conundrum on Tenerife

The Canary Island of Tenerife, which sits in the Atlantic Ocean and close to the shore of Morocco, is one characterised by its excellent year-round climate, beautiful beaches and lively holiday resorts.

It is also an excellent place to discover a multitude of watersports – and we don’t just mean banana boat rides! However, with so much choice, which one do you choose? (more…)

What to See & Do in Algarve

The Algarve has long been one of Europe’s leading holiday destinations and is at the focal point of the Portuguese tourism industry. With its beautiful coastal scenery, fantastic resorts that still maintain a true taste of Portuguese culture and stunning Mediterranean climate, then it’s no wonder thousands of sun-seekers flock back to its shores each year. (more…)

Top five beaches of Portugal

This is a guide to Portugal and its beaches. Portugal, situated at the eastern edge of the Atlantic Ocean and the western end of the Mediterranean Sea, offers an astounding array of beaches for locals and tourists from all over the world to choose from. One will not be disappointed with any destination.  (more…)

Beach Holidays in Algarve

Located in the Southern regions of Portugal the Algarve is an increasingly popular tourist destination for all sorts of travellers. The reason for this being largely down to the fact that the Coastal region has gorgeous weather during the summer months which is accompanied by golden sands, beautiful scenery and friendly locals. (more…)