Explore the underwater world of Corn Islands

Little Corn Island

At a distance of 70 kms away from the coastline of Nicaragua are positioned two gorgeously attractive islands by single the name of “The Corn Islands”. These two islands are located within the Caribbean Sea and are known as Little Corn Island as well as Big Corn Island. These islands offers you a grand Caribbean experience through its stunning soft sand beaches as well as the beautiful azure sea. Here you will come across great vegetation along with an amazing diversity of wildlife for staring at.

Little Corn Island

These islands have the past of being colonized by the Spanish and the British, as well as have been attacked on one occasion by the pirates. At present, both of the islands have inadequate infrastructure as well as do not have a large amount of 5-stars amenities for the guests and the visitors, however all those who are looking out for peace and relief along with a superior adventure vacation, the Corn Islands are the ideal place. Moreover the Big Corn Island proffers a diversity of water sports meant for the guests, which ranges from snorkeling to scuba diving.

You can also enjoy surfing and fishing at South End and Long Bay, whilst snorkeling is excellent at the Sally Peachie and North End. South West beach and Waula Point are good areas intended for swimming since the sea is a great deal calmer within these places. All those who are fond of underwater fun will surely love the wrecks of ship that are found underneath the sea all along with the remains of Spanish Galleon too. Exploring this island is best while done both by walking or else by cycling.

When you are on the stunning beaches of Corn Islands, you will be for sure away from the chaotic city life as well as will get a passive experience, which will put you down refreshed as well as rejuvenated at the end of the exciting vacation. In addition, hotel accommodation and the restaurants of Corn Islands are good, moreover the numerous activities on the island consist of swimming, diving, and snorkeling.

All those who are fond of wildlife will be surely enthralled by the attractive creatures, which are seen on both of the Corn Islands and ranges from the Green Turtles up to Spotted Eagle Rays, as well as Barracudas and even Nurse Sharks. The most excellent part of your vacation is that you will enjoy Corn Islands, at actually sensible rates.

No next time while planning a trip all in peace for your near and dear ones do consider “Corn Islands”

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