Kaihalulu Beach Maui

Kaihalulu Beach Maui

The Kaihalulu Beach in the lovely Hawaiian island of Maui is one of a kind and let me inform you, there is no other place like it anywhere in the whole world.

The Beach is unique and a feature which makes it different from the rest is its red-black color sand, which is the reason why the beach has been often popularly referred to as “Red Sand Beach.”

The exact location of this beautiful beach is at the fag end of the famous Ka’uiki Hill, which is situated in the southern direction from the Hana Bay. As regards to the unique color of the sands, it is believed by experts the crumbling cinder cone which meets the ocean is the main reason for this color. Yes, you’ve guessed it right the region has seen volcanic eruptions in the past and as such the place remains isolated from the mainland. The sea wall consists of rocky lava, porous, and the y sharp volcanic shards.

Kaihalulu Beach Maui

As regards to the waters, please do not venture inside as it can be fatal. The water is definitely not meant for swimming. Once you are there you may try hiking owing to the spectacular terrain. Again you need to refrain from such activities as the area is quite treacherous and the land is quite slippery as well.

Despite all these negative aspects of the beach, there are numerous takes who have only praised the Beach and its surrounding. Even you need to make it a point to visit the place as the place is full of stunning features. The place may be dangerous but it is beautiful and one of a kind.

Secondly, on account of its isolation, the place is ideal for couples. You will very rarely find people on the beach and it is a very common experience to see yourself as the only person around on the entire beach. Hence, it is a nice feeling as the beach is as good as yours.

Over the years, the place has attracted numerous nude sunbathers during the day time. The place has also seen numerous homeless people spend the night away on the shores here.

As discussed above the waters are dangerous and you need to keep in mind the absence of lifeguards and other general facilities here. Hence, if you do venture into the waters, it is at your own risk as there is no lifeguard back-up to save you. As there are no facilities available here, you need to carry your own stuff like food, towels, sun creams etc as there are no chances of finding the same here.

Listed below are some of the questions which may be on your mind.

How do I travel to the Kaihalulu Beach in Hawaii?

The Kahului Airport is the main airport on the Maui island of Hawaii. You need to align at this airport and the Kaihalulu Beach is not far away once you have set foot on Hawaiian territory.
Where do I stay during my adventure at the Kaihalulu Beach in Hawaii?

The area in and around the Maui island and the Kaihalulu Beach boasts of some fine accommodation facilities in a variety of spending budgets as well. Some of the more popular landmarks of the place include Maui Seaside Hotel, Aston Hotels & Resorts: Maui Lu Resort, Maui Coast Hotel, Banana Bungalow, The Fairmont Kea Lani, Maui Hill and Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa.

When is the best time of the year to visit the Kaihalulu Beach in Hawaii?

The wonderful island of Maui experiences dry weather conditions during the months of April and October. These are the best months to visit the place especially the months of April, May, September and October. You can also get some good bargains during these months as well.

In conclusion, the Kaihalulu Beach is a lovely holiday destination which will only take your breath away owing to the unique color combinations of the sand. Usually, when we are looking towards a beach holiday destination, we prefer white sandy beaches. That’s definitely not the case with the Kaihalulu as the red-sand beach is breathtaking. However, you only need to experience caution here as the waters are dangerous and the land can also be slippery. Extra caution needs to be exercised as there is no lifeguard back-up. So, what are you waiting for, just go ahead and plan that all important trip to the wonderful Kaihalulu Beach in the spectacular Hawaii.

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