Known For Beach Parties in the Roman Era – Capri, Italy

Still not gone to a beach party? Well, finding beaches is not a problem these days, but finding the right beach is always a problem. Partying hard in the beaches with cops all around is a pretty tricky situation, but with proper security, things would get better and exciting. Knowing a beach that has a history and partying there would be real fun. The history surrounding a beach might vary from beach to beach, but its significance dating back to time immemorial is really a tripper when you really think about it at the peak of your partying hour.


Capri in Italy is one such beach destination you should be looking forward to. History says ancient Romans used to vacation for a long time spanning four to five years altogether embarking on journeys to important sites, primarily in Egypt and Greece. Long vacations such as these would start close to home with pit stops along the Bay of Naples seaside resorts. These vacations were ongoing for more than 100 years with the wealthier Romans often vacationing in Baiae, an exotic town with hot medicinal springs, splendid villas (including villas of Nero and Caesar) and not to forget luxurious parties at nights.

 capri island

Baiae was abandoned by 1500, and its ruins now seen under Bay of Naples. At the present time, a place equivalent to Baiae would be Capri that’s just like a playground for the rich and famous. Beaches at Capri are chiefly rocky, but very popular nonetheless. Bagni di Tiberio is a beautiful beach near the fishing district of the island, which was once upon a time the seaside palace of Emperor Tiberius.

 capri italy

Getting to Capri would be through regular hydrofoil and ferry rides between Capri and Naples, which would roughly take around 45 to 75 minutes to reach there.

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