Sunbathing on the Cable Beach

Cable Beach Australia

Cable Beach is known as one of the most enjoyable beaches in Australia. This beach is a favorite among most of the Australians here. This beach is known among not only the international tourists but also the local residents of the place to be one of the best and the most beautiful beaches in Australia. The largest oysters are found in this place and the pearl industry is also claimed to have dominated in the region here.

About the Beach

It is said that in the year 1889, there was an electric cable that was laid down here between the java and the broome and this is how the beach derived its name and was then named as the “Cable Beach”.

Cable Beach Australia

This beach stands today as one of the best ones. The beach stretches over fourteen miles and also becomes a mile wide each day when it’s a “low tide day”. This place attracts some of the most happening and the most amazing people who love to party all night.

About the place

The place is known to have influences from the Chinese, Malay and the Southeastern part of the world. The pearl industry is quite prominent here and also is the wooden architecture which is made here. The bunglows here are quite colonial and the residents of the place are believed to be quite hippy in their nature.
Activities to do on the beach

There are some amazing activities which you can indulge in when you are on this beach. From para gliding, parasailing, jet skiing and riding the banana boats there is plenty to offer here. Unlike other beaches on earth, you can enjoy the camel ride on the beach here. The crystal cleay water of the beach is an ideal destination for those, who would love to go in for scuba diving or snorkeling. There is a very prominent club located on the beach, which is a major tourist destination here.

There are some places here where you can find accommodation.

There are a couple of places here where you can find accommodation. There are a number of lodges and guest houses in the area. These places are considered to be the best since they are located near the main tourist destinations here.

The lodges and the guest houses in the area have their own restaurants and you can find multicuisine here but if you head onto the beach, then there are a couple of small eateries located here which sell local stuff and they are simply great.
Places to visit around the beach

There are many places to visit around the beach. These places are considered to be some of the best ones. There are places where you can head in for hiking, trailing and trekking. The surrounding mountains in the area also pose to be an ideal spot for mountain climbing.

The Cable Beach is known to be one of the most amazing beaches in Australia. This beach is ranked among the most best one in the entire continent.

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