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Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort

When looking for a resort to spend your Walt Disney World vacation at, why not chose the Caribbean Beach Resort! This is a wonderful resort in the moderate price category. If you are looking for a fun resort with a tropical feel, for a decent price, this is the resort for you! This is a very large resort, which can be wonderful if you want peace and quiet. Continue reading “Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort” »

Four amazing beaches of seashells

Shells are one of the things that will always remind you of holidays, summer and sea. As it is known, seashells are dead empty shells of marine molluscs, which can be often found on beaches. Most of the beaches in the world are primarily composed of pieces of rock, sand, pieces of sea grass, gravel, small stones. In rare cases the beach can be completely made up of seashells. Continue reading “Four amazing beaches of seashells” »

Which Beach is Best? – Key West Florida Vs. Myrtle Beach South Carolina

Key West Florida and Myrtle Beach South Carolina are both beautiful vacation destination. I have spent several summers vacationing at both of these beaches and both do offer great perks. But, which beach is better for a family vacation? Which beach is perfect for a romantic getaway? If you’re planning a summer vacation, you must consider the following. Continue reading “Which Beach is Best? – Key West Florida Vs. Myrtle Beach South Carolina” »

Boardwalk Beach Resort

The Boardwalk Beach Resort is a premium resort hotel in Florida. It is a popular destination with travelers to the legendary Panama City Beach. The location of the Boardwalk Beach resort hotel is incomparable, right at the greenish turquoise waters at the Gulf of Mexico in Panama City Beach in Florida. The excellent location of the beach resort with respect to the major attractions is what makes it an excellent choice for accommodation, when you are in Panama City Beach area. Continue reading “Boardwalk Beach Resort” »