A guide to Montenegro’s beaches

Budva beach

Montenegro is a country in South west Europe. It is next to Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. A developed country, with a history which was rather in a state of turmoil, Montenegro is now catering to an increased number of travelers from around the world, who have heard about the pristine and unspoiled beaches this country has on offer. Infrastructure has been developed greatly and the travelers have increased exponentially in number. The beaches here are immaculate and unspoiled, with snow white sand and crystal clear blue waters.

Montenegro is one of the warmest and sunniest areas in the whole of Europe.

Sveti Stefan Montenegro
Sveti Stefan Montenegro


The coastline of Montenegro is about 295 kilo meters touching the Adriatic Sea. The beaches cover upto 73 kilo meters of shore. 33 kilo meters out of this are covered by sandy beaches while the rest are pebbly. There are 117 beaches in Montenegro, catering to all types of likings.

Velika Plaza beach in Ulcinj is the largest beach in Montenegro, at 13 kilo meters.

These are some of the best known and popular beaches in Montenegro.

Tropicana Beach, Ulcinj

Tropicana beach is situated on Velika Plaza about 5 kilo meters from Ulcinj town. It is an excellent beach with soft sand and clear waters. It is 300 meters in length. It has some excellent facilities, as it was a much frequented beach since a long time. Facilities such as running water, beach umbrellas, changing facilities, accommodation for rent, rest rooms and shower cubicles are available. There are also licensed lifeguards and first aid equipment for emergencies. Tropicana beach can be accessed by physically challenged persons, and has facilities for them too.

Beach Tropicana can be accessed via Regional road R – 15 and has a parking lot in front.

Paradiso Beach, Bar

Paradiso Beach is a Blue Flag beach located in the Uljeha cove in the open sea region between Bar and Unlcinj. It does not have any protected areas or species and is filled with smooth pebbles. It is equipped with facilities like beach bar, dressing rooms, restrooms and shower facilities. Lifeguard services and life saving equipment is available from 8 a m to 10 p m. Good amount parking space is also available.

To reach Paradiso Beach, one has to take the Adriatic Highway (Jadranska magistrala) which is 5 kilo meters from Bar.

Mogren Beach, Budva

Mogren beach comprises of two parts, each 80 meters long. These parts are connected by a tunnel. The Mogren Beach is located at the foot of the Spas hill about 150 kilometers from Budva city.

Mogren is a sandy beach with a range of conveniences provided. It has a beach bar, dressing rooms and restrooms. Mogren is a quality beach and is a blue flag beach. It is safe, hygienic and has a high ecological standard.

There are several good diving spots for the scuba diving enthusiasts, as also a scuba diving club.

Budva beach

Ocaso beach, Budva

Ocaso is a recent beach, and constitutes an area of 600 sq meters at the southern edge of Slovenska Plaza. This is also a Blue Flag Beach, and is clean and has good standards.

The amenities offered are several; one can hire beach chairs and umbrellas. There are a lot of cafes and beach bars lining the shore.

The beach is a favorite with the youth, and they always have live music blaring from huge speakers, and dance and party till the sun rises.

There is also a place with a provision for renting water scooters, air boats and banana boats.

Plavi Horizonti, Tivat

Considered one of the most attractive beaches in the whole coastline of Motenegro, Plavi Horizonti is located in the southern region of the Tivet Bay, in the open sea area. The very fine sand found here is said to be a cure for rheumatism. The beach is sheltered and sunny.

The beach is spread over an area of 8 500 square meters, and is surrounded by lush parks and pine forests, excellent for camping overnight. The beach Plavi Horizonti is certified by Blue Flag.

Other beaches worthy of note are Sveti Toma in Budva, Kalardovo in Tivat, Porto – Herceg Novi, Dobrec – Herceg Novi and Cuba libre – Herceg Novi. The beaches are sandy in some places, others are pebbly.

Kotor Bay
Kotor Bay
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