Best Beaches in the World

Hamoa Beach

In order to let you select a beach, we have listed a few of the best beaches in the world with a short description on each one. Most of the best beaches in the world lie in the northern hemisphere.

North Wildwood Beach, New Jersey

North Wildwood Beach lies in close proximity to the Jersey Shore. It is must-visit beach, especially during the fall season. There are plenty of activities to keep you engaged. You may find it difficult to make it to the shoreline. The beach waters become chilly during the evenings. The beach is home to three amusement parks. They offer fantastic opportunities for roller coaster rides. Morey’s Piers is enchanting and inviting.

North Wildwood Beach, New Jersey

Hamoa Beach, Maui

Hawaii is a must-visit during the autumn season. The weather is splendid. The road to Hana on Maui invites the traveler. The sunsets are simply spectacular. The waters are home to some of the most exotic whales. If you stay in one of the Maui rentals on the island you can get an upfront view of the exotic whales. The beach is ideal for family vacations. James A. Michener, who is a world-renowned author, has called Hamoa Beach the most beautiful in the South Pacific.

Hamoa Beach

Prince Edward Island, Canada

Travelers throng the beach to enjoy the weather during fall. It also offers wonderful opportunities for golfing. The lush, green surroundings are the hallmark of the island. You simply cannot miss the scenic views. What’s more? Do not forget to take a photograph of the famous lighthouse. The sand of the beach is not sparkling white. However, strolling below the spectacular Canadian sun gives you the impression of being in Paradise. Prince Edward Island has a rich culture and history.

Jacksonville, Florida

There are umpteen beaches on the eastern coastline of Florida. They are ideal for a visit during fall. Jacksonville lies in close proximity to the northern states. It lies to the south of Savannah. The island has wonderful, ancient homes, which make Jacksonville a jewel on this splendid peninsula. The town offers wonderful shopping opportunities. The beach is ideal for long strolls. Spectacular piers emerge from the Atlantic Ocean, which is deep and blue.

Crystal Cove, Barbados

Crystal Cove lies in close proximity to mainland USA. The islands of Barbados come alive during the fall season. Each beach is unique and fascinating. Crystal Cove has made it to the list because of the wonderful resorts. You can just chill out on the warm sands. The accommodations suit family vacations. The beach is replete with boogie boards and umbrellas. Crystal Cove is a must-visit site, when in the Caribbean.

Crystal Cove Beach Resort

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