Best Beaches in Turkey

Turkey beach

There are lots of serene, breathtaking beaches to discover at Turkey. If you crave for surfing, boating and some underwater thrills, then Turkey is your gateway to live the adventure. Come; let’s discover some of the best exotic, breathtaking beaches based in the heart of Turkey.

1) Gunluklu

If you are searching for an exotic and serene beach, far from the hustle and bustle, then Gunluklu beach gives you the desired settings to unwind and rejuvenate. Surrounded by sweet gum trees and pine forests, Gunluklu is a romantic beach where countless explorers, surfers and tourists flock to catch a glimpse of stunning sea and sunset. Whether you want to surf or camp, Gunluklu beach is truly bliss!

Gunluklu beach

2) Kabak

Enjoy the slice of rejuvenation at Kabak, the Turkey’s happening pristine beach which is beautifully surrounded by lush pine forests. A perfect spot for camping, Kabak beach is truly a divine beach for people who are looking for seclusion.

Kabak beach

3) Ortakent

If you love watersports, then Ortakent is no less than bliss. Come; catch the excitement of wake-boarding, kayaking and sailing at this delightful beach of Turkey where every single moment is full of adventure. Accompany with your family at this lovely beach and let your kids build some beautiful sand castles in this sandy paradise.

4) Gemiler

Quite contrast to the populated Olu Deniz beach, Gemiler beach is a serene beach far from the hustle and bustle. Situated in the vicinity of pine and olive trees, Gemiler is truly bliss for travelers who love solitude. There are lots of restaurants around Gemiler beach where you can enjoy the exotic sips of cold Efes beer while you explore the scenic beauty of the sea.

Gemiler beach

5) Hisaronu Bay

If you love surfing, then Hisaronu Bay is your gateway to enjoy the thrill of windsurfing. You will definitely be swept away by the breeze of this exotic beach where every single moment inspires to mingle with adventure and rejuvenation.

6) Cirali

Bordered by two huge mountains, Cirali is immensely beautiful beach which is flocked by countless explorers, global tourists and surfers. Explore the scenic views of sunset and sea waves while you enjoy the bites of scrumptious cuisines served at the nearby restaurants.

7) Amos

Nestled between two cliffs, Amos is a serene beach where you will discover remains of small roman amphitheatre and hard pebbles scattered on the sandy earth. There is also a restaurant on the right side of the beach where you can conveniently relish on fish and meze while you enjoy the stunning views of sun set.

8) Ovabuku

Surrounded by pine forests, Ovabuku beach is a serene destination where tranquility connects with rejuvenation and fun befriends with adventure. Truly awesome in its settings, Ovabuku beach is a nice destination to escape in bliss and adventure.

Whether you want to surf, sail or just desire to build some sand castles, these beaches of Turkey connects you with serenity, adventure and rejuvenation.

Come, drive out the fatigue by enjoying the cool splashes of sea water at these exotic beaches of Turkey.

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