Corfu Island – a unique Mediterranean experience


Corfu island Greece serves as a holiday destination since the Victorian era. The Corfu Island is located in the Ionian chain among the Greek islands. It is located at the north-west coast of Greece.

Corfu island Greece is extremely popular among the Britons. This has led to high prices. It is one of the first Greek islands to be discovered for tourism.

The stunning bays and quaint fishing villages were bypassed by inexpensive hotels, discos, and bars that offered happy hours. Corfu island later developed to be an embarrassing byword for the British that consumed large amounts of alcohol.

The mainland of Corfu was not invaded. The island of Corfu is still home to some of the most stunning beaches in the world. The Corfu Island is home to romantic villages.


It is important to glance through travel insurance details if you choose to holiday in Corfu. The island is a haven for single travelers. Thousands of travelers reach out to Corfu hostels every year in order to avail budget accommodations.

The areas to the north and south of town of Corfu are ideal for vacations. They are also the most popular tourist spots. Most regions within Corfu are untouched. This makes it an ideal place for relaxed vacations. There are some villages in Corfu that are lush green. These villages have managed to stay clear of the holiday hotel boom.

In comparison with Crete or Rhodes, Corfu is still the preferred destinations for Brits. The island is home to nearly 10,000 Brits. Flights to Corfu are in huge demand since it is the nearest island of Greece to the United Kingdom.

Northern Corfu is home to some of the largest beaches. Some of these beaches are dedicated toward tourist entertainment. The western side of Corfu is less inhabited and is home to a countryside that is wild and unspoilt.

Corfu-town. Fortress

There are numerous mountains to the north of Corfu Island. The central and southern parts of the island contain lush farmlands. The local inhabitants are extremely hospitable.

The island is popular for those individuals who desire inexpensive and all-inclusive holiday packages. Those who wish a quieter and more peaceful holiday must head toward the south or west. Here, they will be greeted by wonderful beaches and lush scenery.

If it suits your budget and if you are able to manage the crowds, head toward Kerkyra or Corfu Town. It is a wonderful provincial town and holiday center in all of Greece.

The town has been developed over the years by Venetians, British, and French. This has resulted in attractive vacation spots, particularly since 1994. From this point in time, public buildings were restored for the preparation of an EU summit. There are plenty of double forts in Corfu town.

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