Wineglass Bay – Australia

Wineglass Bay

Definitely, beaches are the place to be in any part of the world. Imagining this world with no beaches around is very difficult, and in case you are, then it must be a bad dream. Traveling to beaches is exciting if the beach had something spectacular that happened many years ago. Wineglass Bay in Australia is one such beach with a significant history behind it.

Wineglass Bay

Wineglass Bay is situated in Tasmania. Many magazines globally have listed this beach to be one among the most beautiful beaches while the beach’s past is still haunting many who know about it. The story goes back to 1820s when whalers got off from their vessels and landed on Wineglass Bay. The whalers had a bad time with the original aboriginal tribe called Pydairrerme. The whalers would often sail in smaller boats to harpoon and hunt whales. After the catch, they would tow the dead whale to the shore, butcher them and boil it for oil. Oil was then sent to the UK and used for the purpose of lighting, and they made ladies’ corsets utilizing whalebones. During the butchery of whales along the shores, whales’ blood would stain all over the Wineglass Bay area giving rise to a dark red color; hence it was named Wineglass Bay. Whaling was ultimately stopped by conservationists, but it was flourishing here for as long as 20 years.

At the present time, Wineglass Bay belongs to the Freycinet National Park that’s popular for boating, sea kayaking, bush walking and rock climbing. Even though the past was an uneventful one, the beaches still attract plenty of travelers from all parts of the world.

Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

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