Baia Chia

The Baia Chia is one of the most beautiful beaches in the island of Sardinia in Italy. The beach here is a silky stretch of white sand. There are sand dunes here than rise upto thirty meters in height. The feel is distinctively Caribbean, with crystal clear turquoise hued water and pristine white sands. The bay here has age old juniper trees lining the border, as well as a number of ruins of Bithia, an ancient Phoenician city, whose site is occupied now by Baia Chia. The beach here is an idyllic peace of paradise that is an extremely popular destination with locals and tourists all over the world alike.

The bay here has dolphins, and you might just spot one or two, if its your lucky day of course. There are a good number of flamingoes that fly over the lake. The Baia Chia is one of the most popular spots in the island for surfing aficionados, the breaks afforded here are among the best, as the wind here is extremely perfect for great waves. There is a heavenly restaurant on the bay here, the Dune di Campana, which serves succulent Mediterranean fare such as maquis along with something tall and cool.

Baia Chia

The Baia Chia has the Su Giudeu facing the bay here. This is a minuscule island to which it is possible to wade across to. In the side opposite the bay, there is the Baia Chia restaurant, which serves excellent food, and has the type of ambience in which you can while away a good amount of time. The Cala Cipolla is a bay that neighbors the Baia Chia can be accessed only via foot, but the beautiful beach here, along with the cliffs, make it certainly worth the visit. There are seven reefs at a depth of 25 m. The location is an oasis if you are a diving enthusiast; there is a whole number of excellent sites here.

If you take the road to the west, and keep going for two – three kilo meters, you will come across the Tuerredda Beach, where the water is a delightful aquamarine in color. There are some sandy coves here. There are a number of bays in Sardinia besides these, and these extend right upto the most southern point of the island, at the Capo Teluada, and you can hire a boat for the trip. There are a good number of facilities here.

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