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Riserva Dello Zingaro

Riserva naturale dello Zingaro is Sicily’s first natural preserve. It was established in May 1981, and is one of the island’s premium attractions. The reserve extends to a distance of seven kilo meters of pristine coastline at the Gulf of Castellammare. It also incorporates the mountain chain filled with steep cliffs and hidden bays. (more…)

Known For Beach Parties in the Roman Era – Capri, Italy

Still not gone to a beach party? Well, finding beaches is not a problem these days, but finding the right beach is always a problem. Partying hard in the beaches with cops all around is a pretty tricky situation, but with proper security, things would get better and exciting. Knowing a beach that has a history and partying there would be real fun. The history surrounding a beach might vary from beach to beach, but its significance dating back to time immemorial is really a tripper when you really think about it at the peak of your partying hour. (more…)