Corfu Beaches – only one of its kinds in Greece

Corfu shows off a few of the most excellent beaches of the entire of the Greek islands as well as has the most fashionable seaside resorts, which are chock-a-block of each imaginable water sport, activities that are based on the land as well as air. You can try out bungee jump, parasailing, in addition the exciting scuba diving; even can indulge in the place of exposed cliff jumping! In addition he busiest beaches are been flanked by means of video as well as music bars, along with fast food joints plus souvenir shops. On the other hand, in spite of being one amongst all of the most popular holiday destinations in Greece, the Island of Corfu can even today offer its tourist out-of-the-way beaches in addition as of the months of mid-summer it turns out to be one of the numerous top tourist spots.

Corfu, Kassiopi Beach

The coastal strip in the north east of the island, between Dasia and Pyrgi, has surrendered itself completely to the demands of the package holiday industry. The beaches here are awash with bars, discos, watersports and other entertainment facilities.

Ipsos, which is located at a distance of two kilometers in the northern region of Dasia, is an abode to the Waterhoppers Diving Club, which is known to be one of the main diving centers on this island, in addition it proffers both the courses intended for the beginners as well as wreck, nighttime as well as deep dives that is meant for experienced divers.

Barbati Beach, which is located at a distance of four kilometers in the northern region of Ipsos, is known to be one of the few best Corfu Beaches located on the extend of the shoreline as well as is a popular picking amongst the families.

Additional in the northern region you will move towards the petite pebble coves of Agni and Nisaki previous to reaching the scenic township of Kalami, which is famous as has the home that on one occasion was been used by writers Gerald as well as Lawrence Durrell. In addition Tavernas line the exceptional sand and pebble coastline which stares across the bay up to the short hills of Albania. The majority of the Durrell fans will surely love to have lunch sitting in the White House placed at the waterfront, on one occasion the home for the brothers as well as at the present a popular tavern.

Corfu, Dasia beach

Corfu, Dasia beach

Kassiopi resort area, which is located at the northeastern incline of the Corfu Island, in addition it is known to be one of the few busiest resort areas on the island. On one occasion, this area was a hushed and appealing fishing village, at the present it is a completely-fledged party place by means of five beaches, along with water sports galore as well as all-night discos that are been manned through the international DJs.

Plan a trip to the amazing Corfu Beaches and have a great time. Corfu Beaches will give you ample of sun as well as amazing place to enjoy the evening.