Most Affordable Neighborhoods to live in Mississauga

Square One District Condos

Long gone are the days when Mississauga was a quiet city in Ontario. But, things have changed a lot as the city has been at the center of several redevelopments. Consequently, getting a place to live in Mississauga has become way more expensive than before.

However, that doesn’t mean that a house or condo on the market comes with a premium price. The truth is, there are some affordable living options, but one needs to look for them.

Square One District Condos

To make things easier for every interested party, we have made this list of the top five affordable neighborhoods to live in Mississauga. If you are interested in buying a condo while with constraints on your budget, these are the Mississauga neighborhoods where you want to head first.

1.     Cooksville

There are as many high rises in Cooksville as there are in the Mississauga City Centre. There are super luxurious Cooksville condos, but there are also some quite affordable. There is a bit of everything in this multicultural community. There is a major GO Train station that cuts through the neighborhood, which is excellentexcellent news. The excellent public transport is why so many choose to settle in Cooksville. In terms of amenities, there isn’t anything missing.

Condos for sale in Cooksville Mississauga

2.     Square One

Residents of Square One love it because it is a neighborhood that is very walkable, and all amenities are close to each other. Then there is the excellent public transport system. Mississauga’s bus system has you covered if you don’t own a car and you need to travel to other parts of Mississauga or Toronto. The neighborhood boasts some pretty great buildings. Square One condos come with a great selection of amenities. You can not only call one of them home, but they even make a pretty solid investment with potentially great returns.

Square One District Condos


3.     Hurontario

This neighborhood is home to many small and mid-sized businesses, which means it is not that hard to pick up a job there. With Hurontario LRT underway, real estate prices are soon to experience a big jump. One can still find affordable Hurontario condos. But, from the look of things, not for long. In terms of connectivity, the 401 and 403 are minutes away from the neighborhood, whereas the city center is within walking distance. Amenity-wise, nothing is missing in the area.

Hurontario Condos for sale

4.     Erin Mills

The Erin Mills condos are some of the most affordable ones in the city of Mississauga. This is an excellent area for raising kids with schools nearby. Its biggest downside is that you need a car to get around, plus there is no close Go station. However, those with a car will appreciate that both the QEW and Highway 401 are just a stone’s throw away. According to the 2016 census, there are 122,560 living in Erin Mills. That makes it one of the most populous neighborhoods in the city of Mississauga. Furthermore, official statistics show that it is one of the fastest growing out of all Mississauga neighborhoods.

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