Paradise Bay Malta

Paradise bay Malta is located at the Cirkewwa and is among the top most beach resorts in Malta. There is a whole range of attractions here. The Mellieha is situated next doors to Paradise Bay, but the latter beats the former in terms of increased beach attractions. There is a whole number of sights here, and the pristine sands and crystal clear waters are what make the beaches here so popular. The huge sandy beach here is pretty much tranquil and quiet; there are not a lot of crowds here. The serene charms of paradise bay has made it the resort of choice with travelers who are on the look out for a holiday in solitude, amidst beautiful nature and nothing much else. The bay is also a popular honeymoon spot as well.

Paradise Bay in Malta

The beach here is an amazing stretch of white sand that seems to stretch for endless miles, and the expanse of beach ere is substantial here. The placing of the beach here is also extremely strategic, the paradise bay is placed incomparably precariously right at the height of the cliff top, at the very edge of Malta. Paradise bay Malta thus has offers a plethora of heavenly vistas all around, of the sea. There is a range of attractions here that make for a heavenly beach holiday unparalleled in comfort.

Paradise bay boats of a heavenly small beach, and this can be reached via the cliff top by a precarious series of steps cut out in the rock. The sea here has some amount of depth, as the ledge here just off the shore is pretty steep. The crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean are the every best to swim. The water temperatures remain warm almost throughout, as do the people here, an extremely genial lot who seem genuinely friendly.

Paradise Bay Malta

There are a whole range of water sports on offer here as well. Diving, snorkeling, jet skiing, water skiing, wind surfing, as well as a number of other water sports are available. Diving here is heavenly, and Paradise Bay Malta is said to be the very best spot in Malta for scuba diving, and there is a P A D I dive school here as well. Diving here is a heavenly experience. The waters here are crystal clear and there are excellent visibility levels on offer almost through out. The waters here are populated with all manner of vibrantly colored fish, and the sight of shoals of these making plays of colors in the waters is nothing less than a psychedelic experience.