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beach in Algarve, Portugal

Portugal is famous as a destination for affordable and rewarding beach holidays since ages. The Algarve Region of Portugal is a territory filled with the choicest beaches. There is close to sixty miles of coastline, and there is a huge number of beaches here, and the sheer variety of beaches here is another draw. These are known to be among the most loved beaches in the continent, and the clear waters of the Atlantic make for some of the most pristine beach destinations. The Algarve coastal region in Portugal is popular with locals as well as tourists all over the world, especially the British, and there is no dearth to facilities here. There are a good number of beach resorts that have sprung up here, with the advent of increased tourist interest.

beach in Algarve, Portugal

The Algarve region is renowned for the sea food selection, and the fresh catches everyday make for some succulent dining experiences. It is no surprising fact that fish is eaten in Portugal more than any other European country. Algarve Portugal has been an incredibly popular destination with Europeans, principally the British since the nineteen seventies. There are areas which are in a state of commercial development that came with tourist popularity, and are tourist populated areas. However there are still quite a few locations that are not under excessive development, and are peaceful beach destinations. The Algarve is an extremely affordable destination, and is unparalleled in tranquility and peace.

Alvor beach, Algarve

The quaint Alvor town was a small fishing hamlet some years ago. Even nowadays it is a quiet location in comparison to the package tour operator territory, and is a tranquil destination for couples and families. The beach here is not at all crowded, and there are some good facilities as well. The beach is lined by numerous restaurants and eateries that serve some excellent sea food, fresh catches of bass, bream and cuttlefish served barbecued on huge grills.

If you walk a short distance from Alvor beach over the sand dunes, you will reach the Meia Praia, which is a crescent shaped beach that extends for almost four miles. The sand here is a pristine soft white, and the beach points in the direction of the city Lagos. Meia Praia is a family beach in parts that are near Lagos, and you can see locals taking ferries on row boats to cross the River Bensafrim and reach Meia Praia.


Lagos is a charming city, having medieval walls enclosing it. The streets are narrow, and in summer, these are populated by holiday makers. The city of Lagos is used as a base for surfing trips in Lagos, and the city is known for its vibrant night life and youthful crowds. There are some cultural attractions to be seen as well in Lagos, a number of art galleries are in operation, and showcase some unique art. There are numerous concerts that are held outdoors under the walls of the city. The Church of San Antonio is a must see, there are some intricate carvings here in wood, and these are covered in gold leaf, said to have been brought over from Brazil.

Lagos, Ponta da Piedade beach

Costa d’ Oiro

The Costa d’ Oiro is located to the south of Lagos, and has the literal meaning “Golden coast.” The Costa d’ Oiro is a heavenly location; there is an assortment of beautiful beaches here set off by sand stone cliffs. There are some interestingly shaped rock formations in existence at the Ponta de Piedade promontory, as well as some saltwater caves. The headland is a heavenly location to watch the sun set.

Lagos has a market hall that has been refurbished, there is a good display of fresh catches of fish, from sardines, baby squid, scabbards and tunas; there is great diversity and numbers.

Surfing locations

As you go more and more in the west, Algarve coast starts getting on the wilder side. Martinhal beach resort located near Sagres town has a challenging windsurfer zone at an elevated sand dune at the mercy of powerful winds that blow constantly.

The North of the town of Sagres is pure surfing territory, and this region is known to have some of the best surfing spots in Europe. The terrain is on the rugged side, and the wind swept landscape is wholly different from the touristy part of Algarve, where gentle waters and pristine sands are the norm.

The beaches here are isolated from the rest of Algarve, and are not visited much by tourists, This is a rewarding destination if you are a surfer, as the breaks afforded here are among the best in the continent. Algarve Portugal is also a perfect location if you want to have some respite from the madding crowds, and a tranquil and serene holiday.

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