Cool, refreshing summer drinks for beach vacation

Are you looking to be prepared prior to heading out on your next beach vacation? This is a great list of drinks that you can think about ordering when you are poolside or on the beach and relaxing for your getaway.

Pina Colada from Puerto Rico

This is a drink so good that there was a song written about it. Looking at the pina colada will bring you closer to feeling as though you are on the beach and sipping a delightful concoction of rum, pineapple juice and coconut milk sending you directly to the Caribbean and in between a pair of palm trees in a hammock.

Mojito from Cuba

It is named after a popular Cuban seasoning, or a known African amulet, the mojito was invented by Cubans to honor Sir Francis Drake. This is a drink that should always be made fresh and simple, or you can change it up however you see fit. Depending on who you are asking, everyone has their own ideas on a mojito, which was reported as being Ernest Hemingway’s favorite cocktail. This mixture of white rum, sugar, lime and mint with soda water has the ability to bring life to any party.

Raki from Turkey

Often called “lion’s milk”, raki is a very potent liquor that is made from figs or grapes. When it is diluted with water, it will turn a milk white color and a lot tamer, almost like a licorice flavored aperitif. This is a popular accompaniment for seafood along with mezze, before or after dinner, with kebabs, cheese and melon. Anywhere or anytime is a good time for Raki.

Moscow Mule

While this is a drink made from vodka, the Moscow Mule does not come from Russia. This is an American cocktail and the legend says that the drink was thought of by three men in 1941 Manhattan. John G. Martin was a food and spirits distributor, Jack Morgan was president of Cock ‘n’ Bull products who were the makers of ginger beer, and then Rudolph Kunnet who was the president of Smirnoff, the vodka maker.

Moscow Mule

They had wondered what it may taste like when adding two shots of vodka to the ginger beer with a squeeze of lime. The Moscow Mule was born, named after their location at the Chatham Hotel, which was the birthplace for “Little Moscow”. While this is a nice story, it may be more likely that it was invented after the bartender named Wes Price who was trying to clear out some of the dead stock located in the basement of the restaurant. No matter what, this is a great drink with a signature copper mug that has remained very popular to this day.

Pastis from France

While it is not as exciting or as hallucinogenic as its cousin, Absinthe, Pastis is a potent licorice-like beverage with the perfect dash of both herbal and floral qualities to make for the perfect signature French drink. Serve it with chilled spring water at a solid five to one ratio and Pastis will taste just like mellowed liquor along with a delicious anise flavor.


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