The Best Accommodation in Krakow

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Choosing the best and ideal accommodation requires a specific consideration of factors that reflect your circumstances and not just the cost involved. Naturally, everyone looks for a cheap deal moneywise but it is also important to give equal measure to the practical side of a short stay in Krakow. Whether you are a large or small group, a romantic getaway weekend or for business reasons there is a definite approach and method to reserving the most suitable accommodation possible.

draggo krakow

Krakow is quite a compact city, everything is within a comfortable walking distance regarding the Old Town and it’s nearby popular zone Kazimierz referred to as the Jewish Quarter. These two areas are the heart of Krakow by day and by night. Full of tourist attractions, quaint garden bars, international cuisine from food trucks to haute cuisine restaurants and plenty of pubs and dance clubs. Therefore the best solution for accommodation in Krakow is in the city centre areas without the need for public transport or taxis to explore this enchanting medieval city. As a guide to booking accommodation in Krakow the advice is to make a reservation with a place inside or close to the pedestrian walk way known as Planty, this ring path encircles the city centre and features a lake, fauna, trees and fountains along with information on what is going in Krakow. Accommodation further afield might be cheaper but you save on time and money getting to the centre and especially going back to your accommodation in the early hours.

Large Group Accommodation

The first consideration is how long do you intend to stay in the accommodation and will you require particular services or amenities? Large groups such as Stag, Hen or sport clubs you would want to all stay together in the same establishment, so, check that the chosen place can accommodate your numbers. Air BNB options are less likely to be able to house everyone but the popular Apart-Hotels or hostels can. Apart-hotels are the best option as most have modern services with hostels being slightly cheaper and more popular outside of Planty. Strict City centre accommodation like Draggo House Krakow Hostel ( ) which is literally just off the main square or Metropolitan apartments 5 minutes-walk from the main square are ideal for the big number groups with all modern services available including beer gardens on the premises. This solution is great for families, school trips or sport clubs on their team tour (e.g.: Draggo House is frequently used by rugby groups who attend the annual international ), or in general groups that spend more time out celebrating than blissfully asleep by midnight. Hostels offer a more shared approach both on sleeping arrangements and facilities. However, if you want the luxury treatment there are many well-known hotel chains to accommodate you but reserve early if you are a numerous group.


Small Groups or Couples

The smaller groups prefer Air BNB options with apartments smack bang in the centre of the Old Town or Kazimierz the 2 main central areas of Krakow. Couples prefer a more romantic setting in hotels with all the services at hand like room service and a breakfast room on the premises. Krakow has some of the luxury chains available such the Radisson, Sheraton and Holiday Inn. Although there are some stalwart Polish establishments that offer sumptuous comfort that a romantic weekend in Krakow will remain with you forever. The Bonerowski Palace which dates back to the 13th century and situated on Rynek the main square or Grand Hotel with stately rooms and grandeur furnishings once frequented by Joseph Konrad.

The is a lot of history contained in Krakow and the architecture on every street in the Old Town will remind you of how old Krakow is and its past importance coupled with today’s modernisation and services which makes Krakow one of Europe’s most visited destinations. In fact, this enchanting city receives more than 14 million visitors a year of all ages and nationalities with an international cuisine and culinary choice for which the city has won prestigious awards. So, the best solution on accommodation in Krakow is to sojourn as close to the centre as possible and decide on your budget, type of stay and people’s needs.

Unusual or Unique Accommodation Places

One unusual adventure to try is the Marta River Boat Hostel moored on the Vistula River with the famous Wawel Castle as a view when you are up on deck. The cabins are around 16m² with either 2 bunks or a double bed and a small bathroom with shower facilities. How about a night or two 125m underground in the Wieliczka Salt mine’s Slowacki Chamber. Explore the salt mine at your leisure then retire for the night in total silence deep underground, sounds eery but hugely popular. The upmarket Hotel Copernicus which overlooks the Old Town from the roof top bar with Gothic furnishings, spacious rooms, renaissance frescoes, stone carved walk ways and an underground vault housing a swimming pool and spa.

Krakow and its accommodation solutions range from cheap, basic but comfortable to wildly exotic, bizarre and unique with everything else in between, international chain hotels to small independent owners. The uniqueness of accommodation in Krakow is synonymous with it pubs that offer a plethora of themes and overtly different locations below ground in cellar bars, garden bars and even 1st floor bars along with roof top and floating bars on the Vistula River.

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