Los Santos, Panama at its best

Los Santos Panama beach

Los Santos is a quite well known province in Panama. It is situated in the southern part of Panama. Los Santos is renowned for the best beach experiences in the whole of Panama. Often thought of as the center of tradition and legends, Los Santos Province has a very significant place in the Panama’s folkloric tradition. The province is also well known for its various carnivals and fests that are held here. It is also the birth place of Panama’s traditional costume, Polleras. You can see a considerable number of people here wearing the exquisite hand woven dresses. Los Santos is also home to many skilled artisans who create the famed “Diablicos” masks.

The people here are warm and friendly. They are very proud of the provinces rich and vibrant history. Los Santos was the starting point for the Panamanian fight for freedom. The Spanish connection is also celebrated; the several festivals held here goes back to the first settlements.

Los Santos Panama beach

The Beaches

The beaches that are well known are numerous.

The beaches found in Playa Venado, Guarare and Achotines are extremely popular.

The Pedasi district, which was only known to few beach travelers, has know become extremely popular as well.

Playa Venao

The Playa Venao is about a thirty minute journey from Pedasi district, and has an excellent beach with amazing surfing opportunities. The best breaks are at Venado.

Isla Iguana

The beaches in Isla Iguana, the island, are also much visited, and is well renowned for its pristine sands and crystal clear waters. The island is surrounded by a spectacular coral reef, which is mainly the reason for its pure white powdery sand. The blue waters of Isla Iguana are an excellent spot for snorkeling. The flora and fauna of this island is extremely rich and varied. The island was named for its large number of iguanas. The waters are populated with exotic sea creatures like cornet fish and hawks bill turtles. A large variety of vibrantly colored tropical fish is found in and around the coral waters. The island is also known for being the regions only nesting site for Frigita magnifica, the frigate bird.

Scuba Diving is a popular activity. The Island has numerous diving spots.

Isla Canas

The Isla Canas is situated about an hour’s car journey from Pedasi. It is not a very famous destination, and the area is not very populated by the traditional tourist hordes. The island is a nesting site for several varieties of sea turtles and every October it is possible to view thousands of marine turtles nesting over here.

The beach here is 14 kilo meters long. The waters here are clear and blue and the sands here pure white.

The island is filled with a large number of Mangrove trees. The Cerro Joya National Park offers hiking tours through the Mangrove forests. The rain forests here are filled with exotic birds and monkeys

Frailes Islands

Situated to the west of Pedasi, these islands are a favourite with diving enthusiasts.

Some excellent waves for surfing can be had at Playa Venao.

Scuba divers have a multitude of diving sites in Isla Iguana and Frailes Islands. These waters are populated with a variety of marine species like exotic tropical fish, turtles, eels, rays. If you are lucky, you may even spot some hammer head sharks. These sharks are seen at certain times of the year. Whales and dolphins can also be seen, along with their young, in the coastal waters.

The waters of the peninsula are named the ‘Tuna coast’. Fishing is practiced through out the year. Boats can be chartered easily for fishing purposes. A variety of yellow fin tuna, marlin, sail fish and red snappers are to be found here.

The summer season which runs from December to April is the time for celebration. The most notable are the carnivals held in February. The entire place goes into a riot of color and the people dance with abandon. The colorful costumes are typical to each community.

The Corpus Christi is also a time for celebration, which celebrates the institution of the Eucharist and dates back to times of occupation in Panama.

Sea food is dominant through out and is excellent on the palate, especially when combined with Panamanian beer.

There are a number of resorts and hotels in this area. If booked early, there will not be any problem with accommodation. There is a host of places for budget, spend and splurge categories of travelers.

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