Seashells Beachfront Resort – retreat for families in Australia

Seashells Beachfront Resort

Positioned on one of the extremely beautiful stretches of coastline in Eastern Australia, magnificent Seashells Beachfront Resort is a real retreat for families who are opting for vacation at the romantic beach resort. At this resort you can simply take a lazy stroll by the side of vacant Diamond Beach Resort, which is the pearl of the Hallidays Point. So will surely enjoy playing in the soft golden sand and soaking in the friendly sun, also go out for fishing, surfing or else swimming. You will by than know that this is the holiday beach resort that you have been dreaming of.

Seashells Beachfront Resort

The two-story unit of and two-bedroom, which you will be checking into, might be yours for the entire of the week. In addition, this resort has provided every room with a completely prepared kitchen along with a microwave, in addition to this there is a spacious area for lounge/dining seating six, inclusive with connection for TV to Austar. This Beachfront Resort offers the master bedroom upstairs on the first floor having its individual television lounge along with attached bathroom, while one more bedroom is been provided downstairs and is been characterized by means of single beds or else the bunks.

The Seashells Beachfront Resort provides a few exercise equipment, also a big swimming pool, along with that a playground area meant for kids. Designed for adult recreation, at this resort you will come across the squash court as well as tennis court, also three-hole golf courses, furthermore, there is spa provided with a hot tub/whirlpool as well as sauna, along with a game room, which features a full-scale snooker table.

At this resort you will also come across laundry rooms as well as small restaurants, as a result there is not a great deal of requirement for going out. In fact, Seashells Beachfront Resort has the distinction of being a only one of its kind beachfront resort positioned in the area of Great Lakes of New South Wales.

Placed in the immediate region is positioned Diamond Beach City, which is a superior city beach resort, here you will find out a provisions shop, news agency, bottle shop as well as bakery. Such townships as Forster are located in the southern region as well as Taree is situated to the northern region and is almost 20 mins away from each other, both of the towns have big shopping centers.

Furthermore, golfers will come across 4 challenging courses positioned in 20 mins of this beachfront resort: Tallwoods, Hallidays Point, Taree, as well as Tuncurry/ Forster. In addition, there are numerous wineries, found at this beachfront resort, as well as an assortment of historic towns.

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