Venice Beach,California

Venice beach

The Venice Beach in California is the most amazing tourist destination. This place is known as “a hangout for the creative and the artistic”. During the 50′s and the 60′s this place was known to have become the hotspot for the “Beat Generation”.

In the modern day, this beach has become a very vibrant area. “Venice beach is understood to include the beach, the promenade that runs parallel to the beach (Ocean front walk), Muscle Beach, the handball courts, the paddle tennis courts, Skate Dancing plaza, the numerous beach volleyball courts, the bike trail and the businesses and the residences that have their addresses on the Ocean Front Walk”.

Venice beach

The beach

This beach is simply amazing. You get to do alot of stuff like parasailing, surfing, jetskiing, swimming, and this place is also known for the modern day skateboarding. Also, you get to see your favorite stars here as this place is very popular among the Hollywood bigshots.


The best place to reside here are the resorts. They are an easy way to get into the beach as many have their private entrance and watersports. Also, if you wish to you can also put up in some of the hotels in the town nearby.


The best cuisine of this place is definitely the seafood. The most amazing delicacies are found here. Shrimps, lobsters, squids are some of the popular ones. Also, you can find multicuisine in the resorts and the hotels.

Places of Interest

The California Hollywood Studios is just a drive away. You can also visit the Universal Studios and the Seaworld there. These are simply amazing places where you can go with your family or your loved one.

Venice beach, California

Activities to do here

Parasailing, paragliding, jetskiing, skateboarding and swimming are some of the popular activities which you can indulge in here. Also, if you wish, you can go in for the trail walk at the nearby woods and spend some quality time alone.

Some more attractions

Spas and massage parlours are some of the most exciting venues for the tourists. These places are equipped with the most modern facilities and provide comfort and a relaxed environment. This is a great place where you can rejuvenate yourself.


There are flea markets in the area, but if you want to have some amazing time and branded stuff, you can opt for the malls. The best brands in the country are available here. JC Penny, Victoria Secrects, AND, Macy’s are some of the popular ones. A huge Armani outlet is here facing the beach.


Considering the fact that Venice Beach is the most happening beach in California, the nightlife is simply amazing and rocking. There are a couple of pubs and discos in the area and you can have a grand time there. Also, you can get into some restaurant where live music and dancing forms the part.
How to reach there

You can take a cab from the Airport and reach your resort or hotel at the beach.

Venice Beach is simply an amazing getaway for your family and loved one and is truly a place to be in.

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