5 reasons to visit Thailand on a golf holiday

Black Mountain Golf Club

Thailand is a fantastic country to visit and continues to be one of the world’s greatest destinations for a holiday.  People are flocking to the country, for a number of reasons but one of the main attractions is the huge number of top quality golf courses and that has to be the top reason, to visit Thailand for a golf holiday.

Black Mountain Golf Club
Black Mountain Golf Club
  1. The Golf Courses

When picking a country to enjoy a golf holiday, the quantity and quality of the golf courses, has to be the top consideration.  Thankfully, Thailand has an abundance of world class, championship golf courses to choose from.  Many of these have been designed by leading professionals and new courses continue to open every year.  Courses differ throughout the country, taking advantage of the natural landscapes which surround them, whether it be water, mountains or jungle.

Laem Chabang Golf Lodge Pattaya
Laem Chabang Golf Lodge Pattaya
  1. Value for Money

Not only is the choice of golf courses in Thailand very good, the cost of playing them is very attractive.  However, it’s not just the cost of the golf which is favourable, the price of hotels, shopping and eating, make Thailand excellent value for money in terms of a golf holiday.

  1. The Weather

Thailand is open to visitors all year-round and the golf courses operate throughout the 12 months.  November to February is peak time, when it’s dry and between 20 and 25 degrees but golf can also be played for the remainder of the year, with rain coming in short bursts and courses drying out quickly during the wet season.

  1. Caddies

One of the most unique and unforgettable features of playing golf in Thailand, are the caddies.  On the majority of golf courses in the country, caddies are compulsory but they provide great insight into the golf course and will definitely save you a couple of shots, especially if you are playing a course for the first time.

  1. Food

Local Thai food is simply amazing and there is no better way to finish a round of golf, than ordering a freshly made Thai dish in the clubhouse.  The majority of golf courses in Thailand come with at least one restaurant, if not more and once you have tried Thai food, you will never go back.

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