Best beaches in Cambodia


The tropical seashore beach township of Sihanoukville is acknowledged to have a few of the best beaches in Cambodia. Positioned in the middle of an undersized peninsula, which enlarges into the lukewarm waters, of the huge Gulf of Thailand, this beach town of Sihanoukville shows off quite a lot of fine white sand beaches.

Further I have mentioned few of the best beaches in Cambodia

Ochheuteal Beach

This beach clasps the label of being most popular beach across Sihanoukville. In earlier times, this beach was been acknowledged as UNTAC Beach all through the early 90s, in addition Ochheuteal Beach is a narrow, extensive, sandy extend of beach by means of a nice selection of hotels along with budget guesthouses, as well as the excellent restaurants and bars, which were located on either the beach or else it’s close proximity. In the twilight, this is the one place that you should by no means miss out. Quite a lot of pavement BBQ restaurants proffer a nice blend of beats as well as fresh seafood along with meat skewers.

Serendipity Beach

This beach is one of the popular hangouts among the backpacking horde, Serendipity Beach is positioned at the northern conclusion of Ochheuteal Beach as well as it is well acknowledged for the various budget beachfront accommodations that is located here. Small beach bars, the restaurants as well as BBQ shacks are additionally strung out by the side of the beach. People arrive at this juncture for socializing as well as make use of the exciting beach parties that runs late all through the hours of darkness.


Victory Beach

This beach is been positioned at the pedestal of Weather Station Hill (also known as Victory Hill) as well as it is best acknowledged for its far-fetched sights of the entire town with port. In addition there are numerous budget guesthouses as well as beach bungalows that are available on rent, moreover are positioned on the elevation of this hill. The sun chairs along with umbrellas, restaurants, seafood shacks, bars, as well as even a nightclub are all located right on this beach.

Otres Beach

Astounding little Otres Beach might be located extreme from the center of the town, on the other hand it is in addition the slightest spoiled of each and every beach all across Sihanoukville. Moreover the sand at this juncture is fine as well as just right for sun bathing, whilst the water is crystal clear as well as perfect for swimming. Furthermore, the best of all is that this beach by no means draws the huge crowds that Occheuteal Beach and Serendipity beach draws. There is prosperity of seafood shacks as well as bars that are located on this beach. Moreover you will find options for accommodations, despite the fact that, are come few as well as far between.

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