Best beaches near Cancun, Mexico

Cancun beach

Spectacular white sand and dazzling turquoise water are what most people think of when they hear Cancun, Mexico. Cancun is blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches anywhere in the world. If you are a sunbather or an avid water sports fan, Cancun will be a heaven on earth.

The beaches which are located north of the hotel zone face the Isla Mujeres. The Isla Mujeres protects these beaches from the large waves, making this beach an excellent spot for family fun. Waters are calm so it is safe for children to play and swim. It is also an ideal spot for water sports such as jet skiing or water skiing.

Las-mejores-playas-de-CancunThe northern beaches are all clean and open to the public.

  • Playa Las Perlas all types of fun and activities. There is access to a shuttle so you can enjoy restaurants and bars.
  • Playa Langosta this beach is popular for its water sports such as diving and snorkeling tours. There are many restaurants and bars along this beach. If you are looking to relax in the sun, you can also indulge in a lazy swim.
  • Playa Tortugas this beach is also popular for its swimming and water sports. There are diving and snorkeling tours, as well as a shuttle going to Isla Mujeres.

Playa Caracol this is great beach for family fun. Shallow, flat and sandy seabed make it an ideal spot for children to play and swim while mom and dad can wade nearby. This is typically the most crowded beach

Eastern side beaches are also located in the hotel zone. You will find beaches on sides, the lagoon side, and the seaside. Every hotel has a beach view. Keep in mind that these beaches are open to the Caribbean Sea which means that the waters can be unpredictable. The eastern beaches do not have protection so winds and currents can produce wavy conditions. The Cancun hotel beaches and the marina use colored warning flags so you will always know what the condition of the water is.

  • Playa Ballenas: one of the most popular beaches. Known for its water sports, swimming and sunbathing.
  • San Miguelito: you will find actual Mayan ruins on this beach. You can enjoy history while enjoying the sun.
  • Punta Nizuc: this is where several exclusive hotels and resorts are. Very clean and manicured daily.
  • Camino Real Hotel: you will find a secluded beach. Must go through the property of the hotel to get to the beach. No restaurants, or noise. It is on federal property. Very clean.

Cancun beach

Whichever beach you choose, it will be beautiful and exhilarating. You will be
able to create memories that just might keep you warm when you are facing the horrors of winter.

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