Cannon beach

Cannon Beach

The thing is, what comes to mind with most people when they think about beach holidays, is somewhere in the south, somewhere in the west which basically means Florida, California. Mexico has also become a cliché now.

However, ignoring other destinations in favor of those which are more popular as well as being populous is not as fun as all that. There are a whole range of destinations that are a whole lot more fun that the aforementioned ones, and not considering these are your loss.

Cannon Beach in Oregon is one such destination. One might not think of it as an obvious choice for holidays, however, it is so. So much so that it has attracted raving reviews from all over.

Cannon Beach is located in the Pacific coast, and is located ninety minutes located out side Portland in Oregon. The sand along west coast is of a denser variety, and is suitable for long walks on the beach. You can enjoy the beautiful sun sets on the west coast.

Cannon Beach

The shoreline at Cannon Beach extends to close to nine miles in length and has some of the best scenery all through the nine miles. The beach is the ideal location for couples and honeymooners, because romance is simply in the air here. Also, for guys, you might want to take advantage of the location to propose, the palpable sense of romance in the air is your friend.

There are a huge number of activities on offer here, from some excellent water sports such as scuba diving, snorkeling, jet skiing, water skiing, para gliding, surfing and a whole lot of others, you can also take in a movie or two, enjoy some succulent cuisine at the numerous excellent restaurants, and get a load of the nightlife.

Cannon beach area is not only famous for its beach, but also the heavenly nature trails here. The Emerald Forest is within close proximity, and there is no dearth to panoramic views and heavenly nature.



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