Puerto Rico Beach Resorts To Suit All Tastes

Bahia Beach Resort

Puerto Rico is well known for having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and is a very popular vacation destination for travelers looking to escape the stress of city life. However, each of the Puerto Rico beach resorts has its own appeal and attractions. Here are some suggestions for picking the right one to suit you and your family’s needs. More about Puerto Rico beach resorts here on PR-resorts.com.

If you are traveling with children, then look at Puerto Rico beach resorts such as Luquillo beach. This is a stunning white sandy beach which is lined be beautiful coconut groves. The clear blue water is full of coral reefs, which are safe for swimmers to explore. It is also well equipped for a family’s needs, with excellent facilities such as showers, picnic areas and activity centers. In the unlikely event that your children get bored, Luquillo beach is just 48km from San Juan and all the entertainment it offers.

Bahia Beach Resort

But Puerto Rico beach resorts are not just very popular with families – each year hundreds of water sport enthusiasts head there for their vacations. The northwest coast is particularly ideal if outdoor sports are your idea of the perfect vacation. Isabela, Rincon and Aguadilla are all great if you enjoy winter surfing. During the summer months, Tres Palmas, Domes and Puntas are more popular due to the calm waters and the great snorkeling opportunities.

If you are simply looking for a bit of beach relaxation, there are some very isolated and virtually unspoiled beaches located close to Fajarado and Luquillo. These beaches offer soft, white sand for sunbathing and are abundant in coral reefs and marine life. Check out http://pr-resorts.com/category/puerto-rico-beaches/

Puerto Rico is indisputably one of the best vacation spots in the world. Whatever your situation and tastes, it offers the best beaches to relax and unwind.



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