The Golden Beaches of Ayia Napa – 6 best beaches to explore

Ayia Napa Cyprus

Ayia Napa Cyprus has many beautiful beaches to explore. Try taking a walk from Agia Thekla to Pantahou beach near the town centre – it’s well worth it.

52 beaches in Cyprus have been awarded the Blue Flag for cleanliness of the beach and its facilities. Of the 52 beaches – 14 are in Ayia Napa a region in Larnaca.

One of the best ways to explore each of the beaches is to walk from Agia Thekla Beach, approximately 6kms west of Ayia Napa’s town centre, to Pantahou Beach by the Harbour in the centre of Ayia Napa.

Ayia Napa Cyprus

The walk will take approximately 2 hours but there is plenty to enjoy along the way. You need only pack a towel, as you will not be able to resist dipping your feet in the water along the way, and plenty of bottled water for your walk. Be sure to wear suitable shoes or trainers – flip-flops are not advisable. If you do decide to carry a picnic there is a picnic site along the way situated near Makronissos Beach, otherwise there are plenty of snack bars on route selling light refreshments. Between the beaches you will find a footpath which curves around the island, this path is smooth with a mosaic effect – it must have taken some time to lay this around the island but it looks fantastic, there’s seating along the way so that you can take in your surroundings as an added bonus. The beaches you will come across are:

Ayia Napa Cyprus

Agia Thekla, a quiet beach with rocky coves and rock pools for you to explore. It is a great place for families or people wanting some quiet time away from the crowds.

Makronissos Beach, made up of three bays that keep the beach areas sheltered from winds and awarded the Blue Flag, Makronissos is one of the cleanest beaches on the island. Perfect for sun worshippers, swimmers and water sport fanatics there is plenty on offer to see and do. With Makronissos Watersports you can try your hand at Windsurfing €40 for 1 hour with an Instructor, €20 without. Jet Ski €35 for 15 minutes and Banana boat €8 per person. Whatever you decide to do on this beach you will be sure to have a fun time.

Landa Beach, another beach awarded the Blue Flag for adhering to strict guidelines and being not only clean but having excellent water quality and clean facilities. Sun loungers are available to hire for the day at €5 for a lounger and umbrella.

Walking in between Landa and Adams Beach you will come across a picnic site. Here there are plenty of tables for you to sit at and enjoy your meals. The area also has clean running water and a play area for children.

Adams Beach, sheltered from the winds, with crystal blue shallow waters making the perfect setting for snorkeling and exploring the rock pools. It’s a fairly quiet beach which boast many loungers and has a few snack bars, while also being a great beach for families with small children.

Nissi Beach, if you are looking to party or meet people to liven up your vacation – Nissi Beach is the place to be. Depending on the time of season, this beach can be rather crowded by youngsters having fun.

DJs are on hand to get people in the spirit for a night out in the main square and there are plenty of cocktail bars serving up anything from a refreshing lemonade to a cool cocktail. An excellent area for water sports, there is also a small island within swimming distance for you to explore.

Pantahou Beach, also known as Limanaki or Harbour Beach, this beach situated just east of the harbour can get quite busy as it’s close to the town and harbour restaurants. From this beach you can keep walking east towards Cape Greco and the Sea Caves, however my advice would be to hire a bike to ride the remaining 5kms to Cape Greco.

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