Turkey’s Best Beach Holiday Destinations

A coastal scene at Gemiler Island, near Fethiye

Turkey is an incredible country, with a variety of diverse destinations. If your tastes run to the Mediterranean beach holiday, Turkey has something for you.

Turkey has it all; sun, sea and surf, all in a country steeped in history and culture. There are a variety of destinations all round Turkey, offering all kinds of different experiences to different peoples.

Situated on the Mediterranean, Turkey has a sea border lined with luxurious beaches, all in a scenic and historical setting. Many of the beaches are protected by various trusts and so are unspoiled by much of the ill effects of heavy tourism and fishing. If you are looking for a beach holiday, Turkey certainly has a lot going for it. Here are just a few of this country’s incredible beach destinations.

A coastal scene at Gemiler Island, near Fethiye

First off on the list is Cerali, a beautiful stretch of white sand and blue sea that tops many lists of the Mediterranean’s most scenic beaches. A protected breeding ground for loggerhead turtles, this beach is particularly unspoilt, promising a noise and air pollution-free holiday experience. With the beach conveniently located near the ruined city of Olympus, if you get tired of soaking in the sea and sun, you can always travel in land to experience some of the sights of Ancient Turkey. Bus services are frequent and the beach and the surrounding area are very accessible by road. A definite must for any history buff!

If you want a more touristy experience, something with a few more people perhaps, or a little bit more noise and liveliness, then you might want to try Olu Deniz. An incredibly popular beach, recognisable from the many photos of it that crop up in the media and in adverts for Turkey, Olu Deniz is nonetheless beautifully pristine. Don’t be worried that its popularity will spoil the experience for you, the beach is as beautiful as the photographs, promising everything a beach holiday should. There are a great many hotels and flights available to this desintation due to its popularity, so you should be able to find very reasonable travel and accommodation.


A more family friendly experience might be Barinak. Like the rest of Turkey’s beaches, this town delivers all the sand and sea you might want, but also has more options for all the family, including water parks, resorts, adventure holidays, and other family activities. If you think the kids couldn’t take the peace and tranquillity of a more slow paced beach holiday, Barinak might be the place to bring them!

Turkey definitely contains some of Europe’s best beach holidays, and if your passion is sun and surf, you can’t afford to miss it. Go all-inclusive at a travel agent, and you’ll find most of the bother of planning a holiday sorted for you. Turkey is very welcoming to tourists, and it has never been easier to travel to so remember to consider this stunning historical and sun-drenched destination when booking your next beach holiday.

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