Ultimate Beaches of Los Angeles

Newpoort Beach Los Angeles

Los Angeles is an amazing place for tourists who love to sunbathe and drown themselves in the deep blue water. There are a number of beaches in Los Angeles and are an excellent place for the beach lovers.

The most famous beach of Los Angeles is the Venice Beach. This beach is known all around the world and is a popular one among the tourists. This is simply the most amazing beach in LA. From surfing to jet skiing and para sailing, there are many activities which one can do at Venice Beach. There are a number of activities which you can do at Venice Beach. Banana Boat rides, surfing and snorkeling are some of the favourite activities to do in the place.

Venice beach

The Manhatten Beach is known as the TV Star Beach. This beach is known to be the place for the most beautiful people, shining cars and amazing beaches. This place is perfect for those, who explore all the madness on the beach. From sailing to surfing this is the ultimate place for the beach lovers.

The Santa Monica State Beach in LA is another great place. Known to be the most popular beach in LA, this beach is an ideal place for those who love to bike on the beach. Sand, surf and sun are the only things which the beach lover will enjoy here.

Santa Monica beach
Santa Monica beach

The Malibu Surfrider Beach is also an ultimate beach where the surfers can have great fun. Due to the constant high tide in the area, this beach is famous among the surfers. Also, the grand eateries are another major attraction in the area.

The El Matador Beach is famous among the couples and the ones who’ve recently fallen in love. The vast stretches of white sand are an ideal place for the love birds to have a great time. Swimming, surfing and snorkeling are some of the interesting activities here.

The Hermosa Beach is another place where the surfers love to hang around. This is also known as the major shopping destination among the beach lovers. As the sun sets, and the shops comes alive, the place is absolutely marvellous with all the lights brimming with different things to sell. This is an amazing place to be in.

Newpoort Beach Los Angeles
Newpoort Beach Los Angeles

There are great places where you can stay at Los Angeles. There are a couple of hotels and resorts in the area where you can put up. It is advised to reside near the beaches, so that you can hang around these areas any time of the day.

Also, the beaches are all very close to the nightclubs in the city, so you can have a great time here. Do not forget to get your hands on the local seafood here.

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