Windansea Beach

Windansea Beach San Diego

Windansea Beach is the most beautiful beach and is known for its scenery and surf breaks which are created by underwater reefs. The sandstone rocks on the beach are a perfect atmosphere for sunbathing.

Activities to do

The beach is ideal for tourists who love to swim and surf. Also, because of the vast amount of coral reefs found in the area, snorkeling is a great activity. Other water activities like paragliding, jetskiing, waterscooters and banana boat rides are an all time favorite here.

Windansea Beach San Diego


Surfing being the major tourist attraction here, visitors come from far and wide to surf here. The popular surf breaks act perfect for surfing. The La Jolla Shores is the perfect place for it.


It is recommended that visitors should not opt for scuba diving in the area. The place is known for its shorebreaks, so scuba diving is not advisable.


There are a number of hotels and resorts in the area. It is recommended to lodge in these places. They provide an excellent beach view and are accessible from all the beaches. Prior reservation needs to be done.

Dining facilities

There are some great places to dine on the beach. There are small restaurants on the beach which offer great seafood and snacks. Also, you can find amazing quality of wines in the area.

Disabled Accessibility

The sidewalk offers excellent views of the beach and the sea. Due to the innumerable sandstone cliff formations, the beach is not accessible by wheelchairs.

Beach Fires

Open beach fires is prohibited at the Windansea beach.

Regulations at the beach

The consumption of alchohol within the beach premises is absolutely prohibited.

Direction to the beach

You can reach the Windansea Beach by a cab from the San Diego airport. Also, bus services are available to and fro.

Parking facilities

There is a public parking space which is has 18 spaces. The other parking space is available on a street on a residential area.

Other facilities

Lifeguards are available on the beach and it is recommended that you stay within the limits set by the lifeguards there. The currents are strong and during high tide it is unsafe to step into the waters.

Rip Currents

Most of the beaches at San Diego experience strong rip currents. It is therefore advisable to swim near the beach and not venture far. Also, lifeguards are on duty always.

The Windansea Beach in San Diego, is not only a very popular beach but also a major tourist attraction in California.

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