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El Conquistador Resort, Puerto Rico

When this is your first view of a property as you walk across the verandah to check in, you know you are going to have high expectations.

The El Conquistador Resort in Puerto Rico is a twenty-something year old resort that has just had an incredible, multi-million dollar facelift, and has been taken over by the luxury Waldorf Astoria group. Besides its luxurious, snazzy new look the resort has one feature that I love the best, which has been there from the beginning. Continue reading “El Conquistador Resort, Puerto Rico” »

Exotic Caribbean beaches: 12 of the most beautiful Caribbean beaches

We all know that Caribbean Beaches are among the best beaches in the world. The stunning beaches with crystal-clear waters and soul-warming sun have white or pink sand. If you want to zero-down on the best Caribbean Beaches, than this post would be very useful for you, as we present our list of some of the best Caribbean beaches. Continue reading “Exotic Caribbean beaches: 12 of the most beautiful Caribbean beaches” »

9 Unusual and Unique Beaches Around The World

We’ve told you about the world’s top beaches, the most exotic ones and the best beaches in specific countries. Most of these beaches are beautiful, with bright blue water and long white sandy shores. But did you know there are also beaches with different colored sand? The world is a large place and there are truly some unique beaches to be found. Continue reading “9 Unusual and Unique Beaches Around The World” »

Enjoy your vacation at Puerto Rico All Inclusive resorts

The Puerto Rico all inclusive resorts have sites that give the tourists an opportunity to enjoy under the skies and have a unique camping experience. However one critical question that needs to be answered before visiting Puerto Rico is when to visit here. The peak season is from April to December in which the number of tourists visiting Puerto Rico is the highest however it is at this time when the rates of the Puerto Rico all inclusive are the highest. Continue reading “Enjoy your vacation at Puerto Rico All Inclusive resorts” »

Belize All-Inclusive Vacation and Adventure for the whole family!

Looking for a place to go where adventure surrounds? Belize is just the best place for that to occur. You will be able to discover the networks of fast flowing rivers with cascading waterfalls, lush rainforest, spectacular limestone caves, and top class diving, fishing, and snorkeling with miles of gorgeous sandy white beaches. More info on Belize All-Inclusive Vacations at Bicycle tours are also available to anyone that would like to tour around Belize. There is plenty to do on a Belize adventure vacation as it is a place of paradise for all you travel lovers. Continue reading “Belize All-Inclusive Vacation and Adventure for the whole family!” »

Beach Resorts Guide

Vacation is a very special time for everybody who knows what it is like to work eight hours a day, five days a week, and years in a row. A beach resort seems to be only a dream which cannot come true. However, when the so long waited-for vacation comes it’s the time to choose the right place, the right beach resort and relax, have fun and forget about everything at least for a while. It is very important to relax time after time and change the environment to feel the taste of life and understand the value of living. Why not try Caribbean beach resorts? Continue reading “Beach Resorts Guide” »

Want Turks and Caicos Al Inclusive Resort?

Have you ever noticed how happy your were last time you were on vacation? Does it just feel like forever sense the last time you had a chance to get away? When you go to all-inclusive resorts in Turks and Caicos you are sure that you are picking a vacation destination that is one of the best that you can find anywhere. Visit GuidetoCaribbean for all-inclusive resorts in Turks and Caicos! Continue reading “Want Turks and Caicos Al Inclusive Resort?” »

Puerto Rico Beach Resorts To Suit All Tastes

Puerto Rico is well known for having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and is a very popular vacation destination for travelers looking to escape the stress of city life. However, each of the Puerto Rico beach resorts has its own appeal and attractions. Here are some suggestions for picking the right one to suit you and your family’s needs. More about Puerto Rico beach resorts here on

If you are traveling with children, then look at Puerto Rico beach resorts such as Luquillo beach. This is a stunning white sandy beach which is lined be beautiful coconut groves. Continue reading “Puerto Rico Beach Resorts To Suit All Tastes” »

US Virgin Islands Beach Resorts

Going to the best place in the world for your vacation can be a lot easier then what you imagined. However, you need to make sure you know more information about the U.S. Virgin Islands all inclusive beach resorts and how these resorts provide you with the best destination around for your needs. Without this, you may end up booking a vacation to a destination which you will not enjoy. Continue reading “US Virgin Islands Beach Resorts” »