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Coromandel NZ – Beach Paradise

Coromandel in New Zealand is just about 1 and a half hour drive from Auckland International Airport, and this region is among the most beautiful in New Zealand. A world part from the concrete squalor, Coromandel is a beach paradise set at a convenient location from the city. The easy accessibility makes for a convenient getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. Continue reading “Coromandel NZ – Beach Paradise” »

Top Places to Stay in Bora Bora all inclusive resorts

In any vacation, accommodation cost is more than likely the largest part of your budget. On the heavenly island of Bora Bora, you’ll find different styles of lodging from cruise ships, resorts, hotels and overwater bungalows to pensions, guest houses and camping grounds. Each offers its own unique experience. Your best option to choose all inclusive resorts in Bora Bora is Continue reading “Top Places to Stay in Bora Bora all inclusive resorts” »

Summer Travel Guide to Tahiti on a Budget

Visiting Tahiti on a budget is defiantly achievable; although, you will have to stick to a strict plan. Tahiti is the perfect paradise with beautiful landscape and scenery. If you like beaches, this is the perfect place to soak up the sun’s rays. Tahiti is also cheaper than Hawaii, but offers you the same paradise of the Bahamas. Here is a summer travel guide to Tahiti on a budget. Continue reading “Summer Travel Guide to Tahiti on a Budget” »

9 Unusual and Unique Beaches Around The World

We’ve told you about the world’s top beaches, the most exotic ones and the best beaches in specific countries. Most of these beaches are beautiful, with bright blue water and long white sandy shores. But did you know there are also beaches with different colored sand? The world is a large place and there are truly some unique beaches to be found. Continue reading “9 Unusual and Unique Beaches Around The World” »