Cala Conte, Ibiza, Spain

Cala Conte

Cala Conte is a gorgeous beach located in the island of Ibiza in Spain. The beach is surrounded by pristine landscapes all over. The sand dunes and the towering cliffs on the beach give it a large amount of character. The beach here is a luscious stretch of sand that is blessed with a heavenly golden shade. The waters here are shallow and gentle, and are crystal clear and blue.

The beach is perfect if you are a family with children, as the shallow and clean waters are suitable for kids. A rocky ledge on the Cala Conte will take you to a private, isolated cove that is perfect for some downtime from the crowds. The sea is deeper here, and is even clearer and cleaner than the main beach.

Cala Conte

Located at . . .

Cala Conte beach is situated on the west coast of Ibiza and can be found right next to Cala Bassa.

Mainly visited by . . .

Cala Conte is too beautiful a beach to be frequented only by one segment of population. There are a good number of people that come here, from all age groups and types, young, old, middle aged, couples, solo, families and naturists as well. The crowd is multi cultural.

Cala Conte

The best time to visit in the day . . .

The beach can be visited in the afternoon, as this time is not very hot. The best strategy is to wait around until the sunsets on the beach. Make sure that the tide doesn’t rise and take away your belongings. It generally does that after 7 pm, if given a chance.

Best feature of the beach . . .

Cala Conte is one of the best places to watch the sunset in the island of Ibiza. The sight of the sun gently melting into the sea is a top attraction here. You can book a nicely positioned table at one of the three restaurants here of stay in the sand. This is a perfect end to the perfect beach visit.

Cala Conte

Accessibility . . .

Cala Conte can be accessed via ferries that depart from San Antonio harbor and by buses from San Antonio. These are available all through the summer. The beach is also accessible by cars and taxis through out the year. There is a reasonably sized car parking space as well on top of the cliff.

The beach is a twenty five minute drive from Ibiza Town and a ten minute drive from San Antonio.

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