Porth Kidney – Resort Free Beach

Porth Kidney

Porth kidney beach is located at the facet of Hayle Estuary and is a North-facing beach. The beach is spread only for 2 miles from St Ives’, Cornwall’s, striking Harbour town. Porth kidney is a huge span of sands, which faces the Hayle Towans on the East of the Estuary. During the low tides the beach could stretch almost a mile outside the Sea.

The Porth kidney Sands beach at Cornwall is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and the beauty of the beach is nicely complemented by striking sand dunes. The beach is overlooked by the West Cornwall Golf Club.

Porth Kidney

The most striking thing about the Porth kidney beach is that it doesn’t have many resorts on its coast and hence the beach has maintained its natural flare; people from all spheres of the globe visits here for the raw and pure beauty of the beach. The only problem that the beach suffers eventually is of eventual fishing debris and litter.

The local facilities on the beach include the likes of local shops, toilets and food restaurants. The Porth kidney beach is nicely maintained by the governing bodies and is being cleaned on a regular basis. The most popular activities in which the visitors to the beach likes to indulge themselves includes the likes of Swimming, surfing, fishing and canoeing.

So if you are looking for a clean resort free beach to spend some quality time with your family and loved ones then the Porth Kidney beach surely is one place to visit. It should be noted that dogs are not allowed on the beach and hence it’s requested to leave you dog at home.

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