How much does it cost to live in Dubai?

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Dubai has recently dropped in the  ranking of the most expensive cities in the world. The cost of living in Dubai has been displaying a downward trend. The drop in rental prices has been a significant factor contributing to the falling value of living in Dubai. This is excellent news for the expats. Also, for those who are comparing the job opportunities at hand and choosing from the major cities of the world, Dubai is one of the most favorable options.

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Dubai is suitable for those who are moving here to launch a new business or for those who run to the city to take up a new job. There is a wide variety of reasons why people move to Dubai. The luxurious standard of living that has always been attached to the city is one of the most charming aspects. There is the posh life in the penthouses on the skyscrapers and the standard lifestyle in the small condos located all over the city. The view of the towering buildings with the ocean is a sight to savor. The cost of living in Dubai has been relatively lower than most other cities where there is a large proportion of expats.

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What is cheap in Dubai?

House rents have been dropping continuously in Dubai. The real estate market has been expanding, and there are plenty of new projects that were recently completed. It is straightforward to find a property for rent in Dubai through Fazwaz website. There are condos, apartments, individual houses and villas for all budget categories. Dubai is also one of the most favorable cities where foreigners and expats can easily buy a property. There are small one bedroom properties that can be rented for an average of 6000AED. For all those with a slightly larger budget to shell out, there are some stunning villas in the outskirts with spectacular views and the promise of privacy. For the amenities offered and the luxuriously styled interiors, the rental prices in Dubai bring significant value.

Buying a car or even renting one is very easy in Dubai. Both these options are also known to be relatively cheaper in this city than most other cities. So a family moving here would be able to easily buy a mid-sized family car with a budget of 80,000AED.

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The fuel prices in Dubai have been known to be on the lower side. With the oil prices dropping the cost of fuel in Dubai is also projected to fall further. So owning a car and using it for commute is not a factor that is going to weigh down the monthly budget.

Dubai has always been a city that encourages improvement in education quality. In terms of the school fees, even the premium schools have been actively trying to make world-class education more affordable. Several schools came forward to freeze their school fees in recent years, and this trend is likely to continue in the coming year as well. For people moving to Dubai with their family, this makes education a lighter burden in their budget.

Hiring a cab in Dubai is even cheaper than using public transport in a few other cities or other countries. This can be attributed to the affordability of cars and also affordable fuel prices.

The public transportation network in Dubai is very efficient and convenient. It makes it easy for those staying in the outskirts to travel to their place of work every day. In order to save money on the use of public transport, there is the Nol card available. These offer great concessions on the fares for various transport modes. They can also be used to pay parking fees.

The city offers infinite varieties for family and solo entertainment as well.

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What is costly in Dubai?

Though the prices of most gadgets are lower in this city the cost of internet packs is very high.

Fitness programs and gym memberships are costly in Dubai. Most of the gyms here charge more than 400 AED per month.

Some dining options are considered affordable. However, most of the excellent dining places in Dubai are more expensive than in most other cities. Basic lunch options cost around 30 AED or more.

Shopping for clothes can be very expensive in Dubai. A pair of jeans from popular brands can cost around 200 to 300 AED. A summer dress in the favorite stores’ charges on an average above 150 to 200 AED.

With the excellent remuneration offered in most of the jobs in this city and the high standards of living one can enjoy here the cost of living is worth it.

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