Johor Condo Rentals – A Quick Overview


Johor is the most attractive location in Malaysia, due to its geographical advantage to financial centers like Singapore and Sydney and a solid economy. Many organizations have released their plans to expand in Malaysia, especially in Johor. Having such a splendid outlook, many expats are looking to invest in Johor. Here are a few pointers you have to understand while looking to buy condos for rent in Johor.

Johor real estate market

Less Investment Capital:

Though the foreigners need to pay up to 1 Million Ringgits to buy a condominium property as an investment, it is much lower than what you have to bring as many banks are ready to lend you money for this investment capital. This makes Malaysia, especially Johor a good investment opportunity.

Who Invests The Most in Johor Bahru:

As you may expect, Johor draws in many expats from various countries. The prices for the rental condo investment properties in Johor are comparatively a lot less expensive when compared with other cities in Malaysia. Most of the investors are from China. The real estate buyers from China have invested immensely in the US and Australian market, and the Malaysian market isn’t an exemption. Investors from nations such as Japan, Spain, and the United States have also invested a lot in condos in Johor.

Johor Malaysia

Best location to rent a condo in Johor:

Johor is somewhat an unfamiliar location for most of the foreign investors, hence it’s difficult to find the right location to purchase a condominium for rent here. Let’s take a look at the top suburbs to buy a condo to rent in Johor Bahru.

  • Danga Bay:

This place is close to Johor city and costs only about RM 5 to commute from the city. It’s an outstanding location that lies near Johor and has great investments in the real estate projects and will soon become a premium business district near to Johor.

  • Pasir Gudang:

Noted by Many expects PasirGudangis is an upcoming town that has the potential to grow faster than most suburbs in Johor. Heaps of employment and business opportunities are projected to come in this town in the next few years as the investments from businesses and government are coming into this district now.

  • Country Garden:

A large condominium unit is overseen by the Country Gardens, who are one of the biggest property designers from China. This venture has attracted a great deal of attention in the foreign markets previously. The condominiums that are constructed in the Country Garden have been selling like a hot cake.


Real estate agents from Johor:

It’s important to contact a property broker to assist you in buying condominiums. Do your research well and find an agent who has a proven and reliable reputation. Remember to ask them about their clients and how they have helped them.

Johor is anticipated to grow more in 2019 as many global businesses are looking to invest here.  Real estate prices are much lesser when compared to other cities and this is the right time to invest in a condo so you can rent them out easily.

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