Places You Should Not Miss for a Buzzing Nightlife in Budapest

One of the places that can make you keep postponing your flight back to your country is Budapest. Its charming beauty and excellent places can make you become lost in its charms. Your tour is not fully complete if you have not explored this city at night. You will be amazed at how much this city has to offer to everyone, including you.

You might be surprised to know that there are other great activities that you can do at night that are beyond having a bar tour Budapest every other weekend. Of course, there are various night activities in Budapest, including getting to the dance floor, endless chats with your friends, boating or just watching the sky while sipping some wine.


District 7, which is the Old Jewish Quarter, has become one of the most hitting spots for Budapest nightlife. From the last decade, there have been pubs and bars all over in District 7, mainly ruin pubs. This has resulted in constant Budapest pub crawl events in the city. However, this is not all that this city has to offer. The next time you want to have a night out think of the following activities and places:

Erzsebet Square

This is usually near the intersection of the three metro lines and adjacent to the popular Deak Square. The Budapest Eye – a great Ferris wheel, is a great place to start your nightlife in Budapest. You can have a wider view of how Budapest looks like at night while on this wheel. The place is open up to midnight. After the view, you can sip in some cocktail while enjoying life performance at Akvarium Klub, which is at the bottom of this great wheel.

Erzsebet Square

The Budapest Boulevards

If you are still longing to have some Budapest pub crawl, then you can enjoy the many pubs that are in this Boulevards. These are some of the crowded places in Budapest during the day and at night, especially on weekends, perhaps because of cheap beers and coffee in the place which attracts many youths. However, you need to keep your bag and pocket safe.

Budapest Boulevards

Budapest night baths

This is one of the activities you cannot afford to miss. You will have some great baths in the hot springs of Buda. These thermal baths are very crucial to your health, and if you are suffering from back pains, this could be your solution. Some thermal baths are available at Szechenyi Baths where you find sparties on Saturdays. It can be a great alternative for Budapest bar crawl during the weekend.

Budapest night baths

Boating at the Danube

This is another place for water lovers. You will have an hour and a half trip using Mahart Passnave cruise operators and explore the nightlife of Budapest. You might be glad to know there are party boats at the Danube that can replace your bar tour Budapest and enjoy the jazz music in the Columbus boat while having breathtaking views.

Budapest cruise

There are great places in Budapest where you will also have live concerts, exhibitions, parties, and performances. You can also choose to taste Hungarian cuisine in some famous restaurants and pubs in Kazinczy Street. You cannot exhaust the pleasures and goodies in this city.

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