Thinking holidays to Portugal? Then think beaches, sea and sunshine

Albufeira, Fishermans beach

Portugal being on the list of most visited places in the world is certainly no surprise with its sun kissed beaches, sparkling blue seas and glorious sunshine. Thinking Holidays to Portugal? Then think surfing, hiking, sun-bathing and swimming.

Portugal has always been a firm favourite for British and Spanish holiday-makers, experiencing the sun and surf. The more cultured traveller chooses to enjoy the gothic architecture and history the country has to offer. Regardless every visitor takes advantage of cheap Portugal flights.

Albufeira, Fishermans beach

The Algarve and Madeira are the most popular tourist areas, home to delicious Prego rolls that are on offer in every part of Portugal where you are able to find them down almost every street.

Spending your days lying on the beach soaking up the sun or going surfing or body boarding in the waves is the perfect relaxing vacation for anyone. Enjoy a game of beach volleyball or read a good book, but make the most of the sun filled holidays Portugal has to give.

Portugal is a football loving nation and many of the residents are great fans of the sport. There is nothing they like more than spending a day at the stadium, watching a match and join in the celebrations and fun that goes with it should their team win.

Castelo beach near Albufeira, Praia do Castelo
Castelo beach near Albufeira, Praia do Castelo

If football is something you cannot stand, no need to worry, there are many exciting activities you can take advantage of in the Algarve when you arrive on your holidays to Portugal:

• Golf: This sport is world famous in the region of Portugal, mostly because the quality golf courses it has to offer. There have been many prestigious international tournaments held here, and the excellent courses offer a challenge for every skill level from beginners to seasoned golf enthusiasts.

• Jeep Safari: There are many local tour companies which will take you on a trip through the beautiful Algarve countryside and let you enjoy samples of local food and drinks at small farms and villages.

• Catamaran Cruises: Ask in any coastal Algarve harbour, and you will find a tour boat which will take you on a relaxing cruise along the coastline, so that you can see the stunning cliffs alongside the beaches. Some full day cruises even stop for a barbeque lunch and a swimming break.

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