The Watersport Conundrum on Tenerife

beach in Tenerife

The Canary Island of Tenerife, which sits in the Atlantic Ocean and close to the shore of Morocco, is one characterised by its excellent year-round climate, beautiful beaches and lively holiday resorts.

It is also an excellent place to discover a multitude of watersports – and we don’t just mean banana boat rides! However, with so much choice, which one do you choose?

Being surrounded by water is an obvious advantage for the watersport industry on Tenerife. There are many resorts around the island that provide places to learn as well as equipment. Yet it is the variety of different watersports available that makes cheap flights to Tenerife so appealing.

beach in Tenerife

Surfing on Tenerife

Surfing is perhaps the most obvious and well known of the watersports. It gives people a chance to glide and cut across waves, perched on a board.

The thrill comes from the speed reached on the boards and the bigger the waves are the better the experience. Learning to surf can take some time, notably learning how to balance and distribute weight.

However, areas such as Playa de las Americas, Santa Cruz and Los Cristianos all have excellent places to learn to surf.

Windsurfing on Tenerife

Windsurfing is growing in popularity and considered the popular cousin of surfing. It bears many similarities but harnesses the power of a sail on the board.

Whilst the extreme nature is toned down, windsurfing still manages to create plenty of adrenaline-fuelled enjoyment. Some even find the sport to be quite calming, gently gliding across the waters.

Kitesurfing on Tenerife

Kitesurfing is seen as the hip, newer watersport that is appealing to many people. Using a large kite, kitesurfers use its pull to drag them across the waters, building up plenty of speed and leading to some incredible air-time and jumps.

It is a hard skill to master but once learnt, the thrills enjoyed from such a sport are unrivalled. Of course, it is reliant on good winds and swell but when it comes together it generates an adrenaline-filled pursuit.

With so many options available across the island, watersports on Tenerife are certainly growing in popularity.

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