What to See & Do in Algarve

Albufeira, S Rafael beach near Albufeira, Praia de S. Rafael

The Algarve has long been one of Europe’s leading holiday destinations and is at the focal point of the Portuguese tourism industry. With its beautiful coastal scenery, fantastic resorts that still maintain a true taste of Portuguese culture and stunning Mediterranean climate, then it’s no wonder thousands of sun-seekers flock back to its shores each year.

Obviously one of The Algarve’s major attractions is its beaches, 200km of beautiful coastline provide a variety of stretched white sandy beaches and secluded coves for those who prefer some privacy while they catch some rays. Most of these beaches are surrounded by resorts that have been incorporated into the once sleepy fishing villages, now they offer all ranges of hotels, apartments, bars and restaurants.

Albufeira, S Rafael beach near Albufeira, Praia de S. Rafael
Albufeira, S Rafael beach near Albufeira, Praia de S. Rafael

If it’s physical activities you’re looking for then the Algarve has a host of premier golf courses spread across the region. The 300 days of sun each year make this an ideal golfing location, which explains the ever expanding network of courses built into the local landscape and why it continues to be a magnet for many golfers across Europe.  Water sports are popular all along the coast, with the bigger resorts providing the usual jet skis, windsurfing, etc. You can also get involved in some deep sea fishing with the various charter boats operating throughout the region.

For those looking for a lively holiday with plenty of evening entertainment, then the larger resort of Albufeira is the ticket for you. It has a vibrant atmosphere with numerous English themed bars and restaurants as well as a healthy nightclub scene. Combine that with the cobbled streets of the old town you have a perfect setting for a summer getaway where you can explore the shops by day, soak up the sun then head out for a fun-filled night along the modern sea-front.

With numerous last minute flight deals available to Faro, the transport hub of the Algarve, you can set off to experience all of this without breaking the bank. Low-cost airlines battle to offer the cheapest flights to the region which continues to tempt Brits to its sun-kissed shores.

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