Best beaches in Australia

So you want a holiday in Australia and you desire to bathe in the beaches? Let us get to know how you can do it. Some of the best beaches in the world are in Australia. With the Victoria Great Ocean road linking the beaches, the calm towns, The Twelve Apostles and the whale spots. The National Park at Tasmania gives you the change to fish, take part in kayaking activities and you would love to see the lovely pink hue of the mountains here. The sand is white and the sea is bluish green giving you the effect of being in almost a paradise.

With some of the coastal areas being phenomenal, the pristine surrounding of the Wilson’s Promontory renders you completely exhausted in amazement. Driving from Sydney, the capital of Australia, you would go towards Cairns and the coastal route is spell binding. The Indian Ocean Drive is a link between the beaches, fishing towns, national parks and coral reefs. With the river Margaret lazily flowing across the Goldfields Drive, this place is an absolute paradise.

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

The Bondi Beach is another attraction for all the beach lovers and we would certainly find the best locales here in Australia.

The pure white nature of the beach and the sand here is what excites the beach tourist and adds to this the fact the beach is devoid of crowd and completely clean. Some of the beaches are World Heritage protégé and as the waves lash at the shore, it is a memorable experience for those who come here.

Byron Bay in New South Wales

This virgin paradise is popular for its lovely beaches where surfing activities are done. The young and the energetic find this a perfect haven. The surfing experts would teach you to surf and get ready to be prepared to be surprised at the nude beach lovers here at King’s beach. The lattes and the ambience make it one of the best beaches in the world.

Byron Bay

Byron Bay

Whitsundays at Queensland

This lovely stretch of islands which lies amidst the Great Barrier Reef is also near the Coral Sea. The whiteness of the sand and the clear waters of the sea ensure that there is the best of marine life here. There are only eight inhabited islands here and the sand here is something to remember.


Gold Coast

The glamour and attraction of this beach at Queensland, is the rainforests here along with the lovely theme parks. The polar bears and dolphins that come in the theme park is the major attraction. There is an island trip here that ensures that you have the maximum fun in this subtropical rainforest land.

gold coast

Morninton Peninsula

The scenic beauty here and the Port Philip Bay peninsula have ruggedness and the majestic cliffs, the interestingly placed lighthouses and the sand dunes here are a major favourite. The koala at the French island and views of dolphins and seals give the overall olive groves a perfect complement.

Morninton Peninsula

With such lovely locales in the coastal areas, Australia has some of the best beaches in the world.