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9 Unusual and Unique Beaches Around The World

We’ve told you about the world’s top beaches, the most exotic ones and the best beaches in specific countries. Most of these beaches are beautiful, with bright blue water and long white sandy shores. But did you know there are also beaches with different colored sand? The world is a large place and there are truly some unique beaches to be found. (more…)

Scarborough Beach

Scarborough beach is one of the loveliest beaches in Australia, if not the world. The pristine stretch of the Scarborough ( pronounced Scar boro ) beach is a heavenly expanse of some of the whitest sands you will see this side of the equator. The crystal clear bluse waters here set off the white sands nicely, and also have some of the best breaks for surfers on offer. There is a whole range of excellent facilities on offer here. (more…)

Wineglass Bay – Australia

Definitely, beaches are the place to be in any part of the world. Imagining this world with no beaches around is very difficult, and in case you are, then it must be a bad dream. Traveling to beaches is exciting if the beach had something spectacular that happened many years ago. Wineglass Bay in Australia is one such beach with a significant history behind it. (more…)