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Railay Beach, Thailand

Railay beach is also referred to as Rai Leh, it is one of the most popular beach resort in the country. It is situated in the Andaman Coast in Krabi, Thailand. It is home to pristine sands and crystal clear waters, and has towering lime stone cliffs surrounding it. The beach is a unique destination that is famous with travelers all over the world, and is accessible only by long tail ferry. Continue reading “Railay Beach, Thailand” »

Central California’s Best Beaches

Central California is home to a varied list of beaches. There are a great number of excellent beaches that offer a refreshing list of attractions for tourists. There is a varied list of attractions available. The beaches are a varied lot, and there is enough variety that anyone can have a good selection according to their taste. There are a good number of activities and things to do. Continue reading “Central California’s Best Beaches” »

Beach Resorts Guide

Vacation is a very special time for everybody who knows what it is like to work eight hours a day, five days a week, and years in a row. A beach resort seems to be only a dream which cannot come true. However, when the so long waited-for vacation comes it’s the time to choose the right place, the right beach resort and relax, have fun and forget about everything at least for a while. It is very important to relax time after time and change the environment to feel the taste of life and understand the value of living. Why not try Caribbean beach resorts? Continue reading “Beach Resorts Guide” »