Boardwalk Beach Resort

The Boardwalk Beach Resort is a premium resort hotel in Florida. It is a popular destination with travelers to the legendary Panama City Beach. The location of the Boardwalk Beach resort hotel is incomparable, right at the greenish turquoise waters at the Gulf of Mexico in Panama City Beach in Florida. The excellent location of the beach resort with respect to the major attractions is what makes it an excellent choice for accommodation, when you are in Panama City Beach area. Continue reading “Boardwalk Beach Resort” »

Baia Chia

The Baia Chia is one of the most beautiful beaches in the island of Sardinia in Italy. The beach here is a silky stretch of white sand. There are sand dunes here than rise upto thirty meters in height. The feel is distinctively Caribbean, with crystal clear turquoise hued water and pristine white sands. The bay here has age old juniper trees lining the border, as well as a number of ruins of Bithia, an ancient Phoenician city, whose site is occupied now by Baia Chia. The beach here is an idyllic peace of paradise that is an extremely popular destination with locals and tourists all over the world alike. Continue reading “Baia Chia” »

Belize All-Inclusive Vacation and Adventure for the whole family!

Looking for a place to go where adventure surrounds? Belize is just the best place for that to occur. You will be able to discover the networks of fast flowing rivers with cascading waterfalls, lush rainforest, spectacular limestone caves, and top class diving, fishing, and snorkeling with miles of gorgeous sandy white beaches. More info on Belize All-Inclusive Vacations at Bicycle tours are also available to anyone that would like to tour around Belize. There is plenty to do on a Belize adventure vacation as it is a place of paradise for all you travel lovers. Continue reading “Belize All-Inclusive Vacation and Adventure for the whole family!” »